Rear Suspension Noise, Need Help!

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  1. I drive a 2010 4.6 V8 Mustang GT, 44k miles. Recently when i made a sharp turn i heard a very strange noise. Like nails on a chalk board, like metal sliding against another. it was short, only head it for a second and it stopped. Curious i took the car out for a few more turns, and i hear the same noise regardless if im making a left or right turn. Sometimes if i make a turn at a really really low speed i wont heart it but anything above really slow and the noise is there. Honestly it sound like my rear suspension is floating to the right and left as i turn. I have only owned the car since February and about 5k miles so i dont have the complete history on it, but have personally never had any problems or accidents with the car, carfax shows no prior accidents either. It is my first solid rear axle car so this is a bit new to me. Anyone know what it could be? Any info would be really appreciated.
  2. Jack it up and check it out IMMEDIATELY. I've seen stock panhard bars break, and that's a BIG PROBLEM.

    There's also some sort of recall or TSB on the S197 rear end. If you give your VIN to the service department at the Ford Dealership, they can tell you if your car is affected.
  3. I would think it's more of the limited slip.
  4. I was hoping to find an update today. Hopefully it's been checked out already.
  5. New users like to do that.... They come in have a problem and then if they get it fixed they don't update us and let us know what was wrong... :nonono: