Rebuild vs. Crate Motor

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  1. So I crank the 89GT up since it hasn't been run for more than 5 minutes in a few months, wanted to set the electric fan to come on at the right time, and more importantly I wanted to diagnose my "no start when hot" problem... The car overheated (255 degrees) :mad:

    Soooo... I've got $500 and gears are turning in my head- Why not save up for a 331 Stroker or there is a Cobra shortblock for $1299- 300rwhp is what I'm shooting for till I can afford more.
    Plus with a new motor I'd know it's new, powerful, and I could fix all of my wiring problems while the motor's out

    Anybody know prices? Should I take the time for me and my friends to build it ourselves or just save more and buy a shortblock and save for heads :shrug:
  2. I was quoted $800 for a basic rebuild. Here is how I look at it: Buy a crate motor if you don't have a spare block to work on while you drive your car.

    If you have a spare block, get it rebuilt... It's nice to have extra parts in my book
  3. how much is shipping on it? I ask because I saw no price on the page.
    700 short block + 350 for forged pistons = 1050 and it still has oem rods. After flipping a few pages in 5.0 mag has a short block for 850 and it has (I assume) better pistons and forged rods. It doesnt come with a cam which is my opinion is a better for someone trying to get a little bit more hp then stock.

    haha and I just looked again, and the 347 is 900 that is a no brainer:nice: .

    hope this helps
  4. That's for the kit, but looks like an idea :shrug: The short block is $1449... hmmm
  5. If you don't have the room for storage than a crate is the only way to go...

    Ford has a $1200 short block and the there is DSS or CHP
  6. :scratch: What's some good cheap heads to go with that Ford short block... Gt40 irons? I would probably put 1.7 roller rockers on too... I think, depends on funding.
  7. GT40's or some seriously ported E7's. If you can't find a cheap new crate motor you can check out ebay... there is a company on there selling used Exploder motors with GT40 irons on there already. (Shipping would be a ton but it might still be cheaper)
  8. My girls uncle has a wrecked gt with the motor for sell. Its freshly built 302 with e cam cobra intake and gt40 turboswirl heads for 1500. Its not a stroker but i thought i would mention it.

  9. Now that's right up my alley... :nice:
    A little here, a little there... it'll fix up nicely.

    We may be in touch... just gotta find a way to take a thousand out and keep woman happy :scratch:
  10. I'm gonna go buy mechanical oil and temp guages to see if this motor I have is worth keeping. I need to take the heads off Saturday and see if it's in good shape. If I'm really lucky I might be able to just get away with heads. I dunno... this hobby is a PITA sometimes. Stupid car :mad:

    Guess I'd better check the motor first and make sure it's not brand new itself. The guy said it was. He said a lot and they've all been lies so far
  11. Id probably go with a crate engine if you really dont have a place to put things together. Im currently building a mexican 331 in my garage :rolleyes:

    I dunno if your interested but my bro is trying to sell his 302 build... its a beast though. Wants 600 bucks and has less than 50 miles on it. PM me if interested. Ill send you the details of it. Alabama is a ways away though
  12. If you can do the work yourself, shop around for bargain parts and do a rebuild yourself. A friend of mine just built a 347 COMPLETE from intake to oil pan, and he's only got about 1600 in it, and that's including GT40P heads, Edelbrock Performer intake and a FMS X cam. He scored the stroker kit for 600 and bought a bare block that was already .30 over, did the assymbly himself and used the rest of the parts off his 302 to finish it up. Right now we're running a traction limited 13.14 but suspension parts and slicks are on the to do list...mid 12s will follow. You can't beat that for $1,600 bucks. (not all motor anyways, unless you spray it).

    By the's funny how i almost never hear of this idea, but it's a solid 12.50 second motor for dirt a complete Explorer motor (GT40P headed) and throw a cam in it, full length exhausts and a decent intake and if you can drive it right, you'll crack 12s. Get some slicks and a 100 shot and you're kicking some serious ass for next to nothing. I've seen Explorer engines from junk yards for 600 complete, and if money is really tight you can even get away with running the stock intake, although you'll probably notice less performance. The cam is a big piece of the results though, so don't skimp out there.
  13. ^^^ I likes that idea
  14. You are better off dealing with a local engine rebuilder rather than with these flashy magazine hyped mail order crate motor providers.

    I don`t trust the crate motor route after reading too many horror stories about poor workmanship.And if something is wrong,the shipping hassles and expense is a headache,as is dealing with these long distance clowns after the sale.
  15. I would build your own engine if I were you . That way you can say that you built it, the only downside is that it won't have a warrenty. I don't know any prices off hand but go to they have good prices. I rebuilt a 2.9L V6 for my Ranger and got the kit from them. It came with pistons, rings, lifters, pushrods, oil pump, timing chain and grears, a complete gasket set, bearings, ect and it was only like 520$ for all that. and it was all name brand stuff. It kinda takes a while for the order to get to your house but i think its worth a shot. Good luck.
  16. Its usually cheaper to buy a short block than it is to rebuild.

    By the time you add the mach shops labor to make everything right,buy an engine internal kit,gaskets,etc and balance it. I thought I could build my 306 in the vert cheaper than a crate motor. i was wrong.
  17. give me a holler if you want it. he still had it last i heard.
  18. More times than not you're right, but what i was getting at (not that you were dissagreeing) is that you have to do your homework and shop around to find someone who's already done the work FOR you. My buddy for example, didnt have to pay for machining because he got the block ready to put together. The best way to get good stuff for cheap is to pick up other peoples' unfinished projects. Usually if a guy is willing to sell his nearly finished engine, he's pretty hard up for cash and you'll get it for much less than he paid or you would pay if you started the project yourself.