Reed at Full Speed - a 700hp Twin Turbo Ford Mustang

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    Somehow, the folks at Reed Speed were able to take a Ford Mustang and squeeze in two turbochargers, 700hp, and some killer looks. Their "signature edition" 2010 Ford Mustang GT is set to take the aftermarket by storm via Randall Reed stores and a few destined Ford dealerships across the nation. The turbocharged pony car dubbed the Reed Speed SSE, is a collaboration with Artisan Performance and included a completely revamped power plant, suspension modifications, and a custom body kit.

  2. At some ridiculous price I bet, those dealerships are known to offer overly inflated prices.
  3. That thing looks sick. I wonder if they were able to make the rear look decent.
  4. I think this hole thing is funny.
    Randall Reed is a large sponsor of a car club/forums I belong to in Dallas.
    They're all pissed off he didn't release the news of this car to them first.