Renderings of the '05 Mustang...

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  1. I'm not sure how many of you have seen these so don't flame me :D if these were shown here already. I did a search to see if these were here but came up with nothing....then again i didn't go back very far.
    I got a bunch of renderings made by Doug Schramm. Some of these are just modifications of the stock body, others are made to look like specialty models such as the Cobra R (using the '05 body). Take a look at the link is a small version of the Cobra R
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  2. I have some screenshots of an '05 Mustang that I modeled. I'll share if anyone wants to host them.
  3. you have a PM
  4. Sent. :D

  5. Here are Randy's renderings! Awesome!





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  6. Ahh... I am reminded back to when Vyto2 had 20 new renderings and photochops to show us each day. He never did do my 2005 Super Stallion though... the bastard...
  7. That was back when people didn't believe the spyshots were real.
  8. hint hint....randy are you listening? LOL :rlaugh:
  9. Definitely prefer the spoiler over the wing.
  10. Hmmm... I might have to pull it into the paint booth in a bit.
  11. I hope the production vert looks close to the one on the site. The styling bar can obviously be added later. I was worried about losing the fastback look, but that car looks hot!

  12. Me too, that spoiler is hot.

    BTW, Nice renders RandyB :)
  13. it was cool how excited we would get when any new spyshot was out, then vyto would render all the new official ones, wee
  14. Thanks! I didn't spend much time on it past the modeling stage, but maybe I'll revisit it and add some realistic materials and lighting. I wanted to do some 'Cobra speculation' with the front fascia and hood, and already started with the wheels which were taken from the concept.
  15. Yeah I think the models are great but need a better job in lighting and rendering :nice:.
  16. I really like the 'vert with the hood scoop. I wanna see the real 'vert.