Replacement Hoses

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by stlboarder, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. I was thinking it would look pretty nice if all the hoses under the hood were braided stainless or even solid stainless. What would be involved in replacing all these. Would it be as simple as just taking off the old and screwing on the new? Has anyone on here done it? What sizes are the hoses too?
  2. The braided stainless is actually a wrap i do believe, you put it over the stock hoses. I dont think they make solid stainless for the Six.
  3. Stainless is a wrap but you don't put it over the stock hose. They have the hose already in it. And the solid stainless I was talking about maybe bending some up myself. Just thinking out loud.
  4. I've never seen em for V6's. They do sell some braided fuel lines and such but I haven't seen any of the radiator hoses "ready" to go on. It's a sleeve that fits over teh hoses.......major PITA to put on.
  5. I wasn't talking about pre-made stuff. I was talking about getting a roll of stainless braided lines and cutting them to fit.
  6. I'm sure you could get any type of stainless wrapped hoses at any speed shop, as long as you stay with the 3/8" diameter fuel lines, you're good to go. You don't need to get anything special as far as size goes for most of the smaller hoses in the six. The radiator hoses and larger A/C - Heat hoses would take some poking around to find the correct sizes though. Let us know what you dig up.
  7. Thanks... but one more question for the road. What will I have to do about the fittings? I want to get some of the screw on types from Earls or something. Are there threads already on say the A/C and fuel lines? Power steering?
  8. From what I have seen just from poking around my engine bay all the time, most of the larger hoses connect using the spring-loaded clamps and some have other special type clamps.

    I'd be careful about actually replacing some of those type hoses such as the two large hoses near the PCV valve which are the inlet and out take hoses for the heat inside the cabin. I'd go with something that just slips over them and use a clamp to either secure them or cut them long enough so that they don't slide back and forth.

    Good luck on finding a radiator hose that will fit our V6's. I haven't found one yet, but I may just be looking at all the wrong websites. A hose such a this, that's is a big-ass hose, sitting right up front for all to see when the hood is popped, would best look chromed and made of metal.

    You can also do other engine dress up stuff like strut covers, fuse cover, battery box, even cover the fender panel screws with dress up knobs.

    Poke around and as well for stuff. Some stuff you might actually want to send out to get chromed such as the metal hoses. Other things you might just want to paint some anodized color provided it is heat resistant.

    Check arounf these boards as well, someone has a maxed out chrome engine bay that is a bright as staring into the sun with a magnifying glass! He should be able to help out.
  9. Good find! :nice: You may be able to use those for other hoses in the back of the engine bay as well.
  10. I just found out something today on this subject. If you want to color some of your hoses instead, Autozone sells some spray paint that you can use on rubber hoses to color them. Black, silver, red, blue, etc.
  11. I think that would look cheezie. Wouldn't you?
  12. I don't know. I've never seen it before. I've got some extra fuel line laying around so I might just go get a can and see how it turns out. I'll let ya know if I do.
  13. alright... sounds good man.
  14. I hit up Autozone on my way to pick up a pizza, but the place was packed and I didn't have time to ask questions. I really didn't see anything there exclusively for rubber hoses, but I've two other major outlets to explore. I'll keep poking around for this product I heard about.