Replacing Coil Springs From My 1968 Shelby Gt500

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  1. I have completed most of my restoration on my car and the coil springs is something that I have never tackled and really could use some suggestions by those that have actually experienced this from the past
    I removed my wheels, export brace and shocks. I need to know what else I need to remove in order to drop one side of the wheel even more to make the removal easier. I can certainly compress the shock, but I still need to drop some of the susupension on this big block car and want to make sure I am removing the correct part from this suspension
    I searched for coil spring removal from this forum and didn't see anything specific to this topic and was hoping that several members from this forum could help guide me and supply me some needed suggestions.
    Thanks for the help,
  2. First question is what kind of spring compressor are you going to use on those coils? First priority is doing this safely. Those springs store a lot of energy, and you don't want to be in the way if they let loose.
    That being said, i would support the lower suspension arm to take the tension off the shock, remove the shock keeping the arm supported, and depending on the type of INTERNAL spring compressor, remove the upper shock mount. Then compress the spring, lower suspension arms, CAREFULLY remove, and/or decompress the spring (order dependant on said spring compressor).

    If I missed anything, i'm sure i'll be corrected.
  3. photo.jpg Hey thanks for the response.
    To answer some of your questions. I have a claw like devide that includes to rods (not connected) to each other. I have them lose now on the coil spring. Basically a rod with two claws on either end that connect to the right and left hand side. Manually tightening each side at a time
    I have removed the shock towers and the shocks themselves as seen from the picture. I am gathering my next step would be to remove the lower suspension arm so that spring depresses more before I use the spring compressor?
    Again I appreciate your comments

  4. Attached are the pictures of the spring compressor that I rented from Auto zone. It screws from the bottom. Do not be tempted to turn it over so it is easier to get to. They only took about 10 min each......

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  5. Great recommendation Jackson. Did you have to have to undo your lower suspension arm? I am thinking I will need to on this big block car. Thanks for the picture though as that seems like a better pair than for what I have.
  6. No you do not need to take of the lower arm. If you try to do this the spring will come out. You will want to put a jack under the lower control arm to compress the spring, take out the shock and let it back down on a jack stand. If you try to put in the compressor with the spring partially compressed the lower shim will not go in.

    I did this on my car which is an s code big block car. Be really careful, the amount of tension that those are under is HUGE. When you get it out take your time taking the compressor back off. No impact tools. It is easy to be tempted but don't do it!
  7. Hey thanks Jackson. Great advise. I am having some friends over this week. I with there was a video on this for our big blocks. It really would be nice to see how its actually done. There is nothing on the internet which I am actually surprised.. Ya, we won't be using our impact tools.

  8. I used the double hook kind and if you use them you will need about 30 washers to put between the top set of hooks and the nut on the top of the screw. If you do not do this is will bottom out on the bottom spring perch before it ever compresses. The style with the top hook and bottom shim. I know shim is not right but I can' think of what else to call it :)