Required tools to change a starter on a 1998 Isuzu Trooper:

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  1. A case of water
    Tin snips
    socket set
    2 wrench sets: M and stand.
    two pair of vise grips
    exhaust gaskets
    exhaust sleeve
    two exhaust clamps
    new starter
    big screw driver
    adjustable wrench
    wire cutters.

    After about 5 hours of trying to pull the old starter out we determined that you have to unbolt the Y pipe to get it out, after unsuccessfully trying to cut the heat sheild off to get it around the exhaust. And when you change the exhaust, you have to put new exhaust gaskets out, which cost a total of over 50 dollars. So now we are cutting the exhaust out and we are going to weld it back on. This is a ****ing pain in the ass to change a damn starter. The japanese designer must've been thinking "How else can we get america back for Hiroshima and nagasaki...":notnice:

  2. Oh oh! But foreign cars never break!!!
  3. you think doing the starter is bad you should try pulling the transmission out. we had a problem with those 4L30E transmissions smoking the band and our builder couldnt figure out the problem (i work at AAMCO) so i had to r&r a two different 4x4 isuzu poopers 3 different time until we finally got it right. and trust me it never gets any easier to work on those things. i have nightmares and flash backs any time i see one of those wretched trucks.
  4. I feel that way about working on my Tempo.
  5. nice.. another useless thread

  6. I also work at aamco and have done quite a few of those 4L30Es. A 4x4 4R100 in an expedition is 10x worse though.

    I had no problem getting the starter off of any of the izuzu troopers I've worked on, but when you work on them all the damn time you know all the tricks.