reset the system?

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  1. Just got a new fuel pump put in my car becuase of nitrous. My car drives like **** and feels like it has not as much power as it used to. Anyway , so the guy that installed the fuel pump told me that if the computer doesnt learn the new fuel pump that i should "reset the system" by unplugging the positive on my battery and putting it on something else metal for a little bit (like a screw) and he might have told me to unplug the plug that monitors the intake. Does anyone know about this , could this end up bad? any help appreciated -
  2. you probably got it working by now, but I just saw your question a little late. What I usually do to reset everything is to unplug both positive and negative wires from the battery and touch them together (if they won't reach each other, just use a piece of metal to connect them). Make sure neither one of them are still touching the battery, or anything else metal. This will discharge the capacitors in the CPU and give you a fresh start.
  3. I know some people do it this way, but I for one am not comfortable discharging the computer this way. These arent capacitors like in the 60's guys - these are computers (IC's). Its far safer to unplug them and wait the 1 hr. it requires. By the way, if you only want to clear the adaptive, it only takes 5 minutes

  4. BS detector just went off. Did resetting the trouble codes do anything for driveability? What was the reason for fuel pump replacement, upgrade or replacement?
  5. The reason I don't do it that way is beacause most of the time it doesn't clear the code that way (for me anyway). When I plug them back up even after overnight, the check engine light is still on (have lots of experience with check engine lights when I kept getting defective MIL eliminators). I've heard lots of people say it works to just leave it unplugged, but it doesn't on mine :shrug:
  6. What was the reason for fuel pump replacement, upgrade or replacement?[/QUOTE]

    Not an expert on nitrous although i should be cuase i have it... but if you keep the stock pump you could mess up your engine , i dont know exactly how, im guessing that it you sprayed with the stock pump it wouldnt feed the engine with fuel fast enough ... someone correct me if im wrong.
  7. thanks alot for the help also,its still a problem and i think im just gunna leave the positive unplugged for a night and see what happens , then resort to touching the + and - if i have to.
  8. Start over...

    If all your mechanic did was replace the fuel pump (upgrade?) it has nothing to do with the computer, he's full of crap. There is no "learning" for a new fuel pump, it works or it doesn't. Find a new mechanic or start with these questions if you're going to self-repair.

    What size pump did he put in?

    Did the pump come with the NOS kit or who supplied?

    Does it run better with a full tank of gas?

    What NOS system is installed (dry or wet and brand)?

    Everything was running fine until....?
  9. after i reset my system it ran fine , but then came back in about a day or two.I dont know what size pump it was , i have a 125 wet kit (NOS) - I know that i switched to a warlborro(mispelled) or something like that, and that didnt work . so now i have a chicayne ... supposively its the same pump used in the svt focus. everything was runnin fine before i installed my NOS and fuel pump. I dont know whats wrong , but for some reason it feels like it runs fine sometimes , but other times it just doesnt. its like a pulsating throttle if you know what i mean. it doesnt happen when i floor it or use the NOS , just when im driving it regular at low rpm's.any info helps.
  10. An svt focus fuel pump A 4 cylender fuel pump WHere can i get this for my car
  11. I'm not familiar with the use of a 4 cylinder (170hp) pump as an upgrade. The pressure might be fine, but the volume has got to be too low for a 320hp NA car. A 255lph high-flow Walbro in-tank is all you'll need with the NOS and it's probably cheaper than an OEM pump.

    Something else could be going on, a sticky soloenoid or something loose, connections, etc.

    I'm lost...sorry. :(