Return of the 5.0 Ford Mustang

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  1. The rumor mill seems to have picked up a little wind to keep churning intel regarding the next Ford Mustang and its potential powerplant. Facing contenders, the Chevrolet Camaro ( and the Dodge Challenger (, Ford has to do something progressive to keep the fire burning inside every Mustang fan. recently conducted an interview with Bill Osborne, President of Ford Australia,and sniffed out some details regarding Ford?s initiatives for putting the 5.0LV8 (from the Aussie Ford Falcon) into the next S197 Ford Mustang. View attachment 321827 </img> View attachment 321828 </img> View attachment 321829 </img> View attachment 321830 </img> View attachment 321831 </img> View attachment 321832 </img>

  2. No 5.0 on the site?

    Saw it pretty much confirmed at another Stang site, from a report in, the aussie BOSS 5.4L to be replaced by an American-built (back in Cleveland?) 5.0 engine. Although, that Aussie "BOSS 5.4L DOHC 4V" setup sounds pretty sweet:D