Wheels-Tires Rollin The Fenders, How To?

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  1. hey guys, I need some help, I did a search for this thread and after going through 197 different threads, I'm still a little lost. I put on a 315X35X17 tire on the back and when I went to wash the car, I saw cuts in the sidewalls, what is the best way to roll the fender in the rear at home? photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG
  2. I have heard a baseball bat works pretty well, but have never tried it myself.
    There are specialty tools which mount to the car and have a roller to run around the fender lip.
  3. I had that problem with running a too thick spacer and the quarter itself had some sharper edges. I used a heat gun to flatten it (very slowly with the heat) and even some snips to remove the larger edges. Now, no more rubbing.
  4. Brian-Ive heard about the baseball bat too, but whats the method. Wedge and roll?
    Josh, how did you do it? what did you use to pinch it down?
  5. Hoping to hear more about this...
  6. you can get the tool off of ebay for around 200 bucks... roll your fenders and then advertise in craigslist to roll fenders for $50 to $75 a pop... you will make your money back and then some... :nice:
  7. Can anyone be more detailed on the bat method...
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  9. I have used the bat method with heat. The heat is used to soften the paint to keep it from chipping and cracking. I have also used the proper tool to do it. From experience doing it with both methods, USE THE TOOL.