ROUSH Releases 428R Ford Mustang

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  1. The Cat in the Hat (JackRoush) keeps pushing forward while taking copious notes from history bycontinuing to sow the seeds of powerful impressive Ford Mustangs. The ROUSH Performance group has now releasedyet another anthem-sounding Mustang: the 428R. Following upon great strides with the 427R model released just lastyear, ROUSH is extremely excited to introduce the 428R for the 2008 modelofferings. Expect to see this new ponyat authorized Ford dealerships in just a few weeks (October 2007)! Check out the rest of the story inside. View attachment 360785 </img> View attachment 360787 </img> View attachment 360789 </img> View attachment 360791 </img> View attachment 360793 </img> View attachment 360795 </img>