Running 15's In My 02 Gt, Help!

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  1. Hey guys, i have an 02 gt (5 speed) with an x pipe, CAI, short throw shifter, and 315's on the rear! i should mention i just bought the car about a month ago. I go down to the dragstrip about once a week for fun, and have an average reaction time of .09-.13 with little wheel spin at the line. Im just a little confused as to why my time is so slow, I'm thinking its something with the car, cause my 1/4 mile time has been pretty consistent (low 15's). Ive also peeked around at forums and people are saying they are running mid 14's in their 02 gt auto………. any advice?:shrug:
  2. heres a pic of it

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  3. Trap speed? Also, where do you live?

    I ran a [email protected] in my full bolt-on 02 auto GT @ a 7200' DA. That's about low 13's anywhere else.
  4. Well, I heard of semi-stock mustang gt running 12's. A good tune, suspension, some intake mods, most important the driver mod, should get you into the 12's. Now unless you have some serious compression issues, then the driver mod is the most needed. Those heavy wheels are not helping.
  5. For starters, your reaction time has nothing to do with your ET. Track conditions for one can play a role in this but with a relatively stock 02' you're probably not that far off. I would also like to know the MPH that you see at the stripe. Like others have been hinting towards, the style of driving may play a much larger role in this than you think. Tire spin is also your enemy here, even the slightest amount of spin will hurt you in regards to your ET. As taught to me a long time ago... "a tenth at the bottom is worth two at the top" Basically if you can improve your 60' time by even .1 seconds your top end ET should increase by .2 seconds. So this will be my last question, what are your 60' times?
  6. my 60 ft time is usually low 2.2s, and I'm usually doing the 1/4 at 93 mph, which seems a little low. oh and I'm doing test and tunes at milan drag way in michigan, which might have some affect. Ive only been doing test and tunes for the last year, and I'm definitely a newbie, but my dads been drag racing for over 10 years and i can get pretty close to his 1/4 mile time in his car. could most of it be due to compression issues? i should also mention my stang isn't a drag car and never will be, but this is just starting to bug me
  7. Does it run right? Any cel on?
  8. Yeah it runs fine, burns a little oil sometimes but other than that nothing, nope no CEL, its grinding into 3rd when accelerating fast but that just started last week
  9. That mph IS low. Something's up. I ran 13.89 @ 99 on a 2.0 60-foot in my bone stock 99 GT, 5-speed.
  10. Agreed! I think a 2.0 60' is the slowest I could imagine you having without spinning the tires. That right there will afford you .4 tenths in your ET alone. 93 mph is a far cry from almost 100 mph.
    What gears are in the car? Sharad, what gears did you have in yours?
  11. 93 Mph trap speed is definitely quite low and would mean you car is possibly down on power for some reason. Even with the factory 3.27 gear ratio and a 5 speed many people have gone high 13's in these cars right at 98-100 Mph. Just dropping in a set of 3.73 gears has these cars easily into the 13's with some stick at the line. The factory gear ratio really slows these cars down because the motors tend to be a little peaky and need to be wound up a bit to get into the power band. Do a compression test and look into the overall health of the motor first and foremost. Are there any mods done to the car that could be the culprit?
  12. Whatever was stock... 3.27, I think.
  13. Yeah just stock gears and the mods that I listed up there I think I'm going to get the compression checked this weekend. I appreciate the help everyone!