RWD in the snow

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  1. I'm looking into buying a Mustang GT and it would be my year around daily driver. How well does the RWD work in the snow and rain? Is this even something reasonable for me to think about? I live in SE Michigan so we don't get extreme amounts of snow or anything. How many things can you do to improve its handling; like sand bags and new tires? Many people make it sound like a death trap to drive a RWD sports car in our snow. Could I get this car? Thanks
  2. I've driven my 98 Stang in 3 Michigan winters in all kinds of conditions. Also, I've driven numerous other cars in the same conditions. Generally, if you behave yourself according to the conditions, you should not have a problem no matter what car you're in. I feel that the only real downfall to RWD in snow can be starting. But this can be helped with dedicated snow tires. If you're cautious in curves, then again, you shouldn't experience trouble. In my opinion, RWD can be driven to 95% of the conditions that any other car can. 4WD/AWD isn't really any helpful if you hit a real slick surface, read ice.

    Rain is pretty much a joke compared to snow. Again, take it easy and it shouldn't trouble ya.

    Hope that helps. :)

    btw, my experience is in populated areas where roads are usually salted/cleared. out in the rural areas, a RWD maybe more trouble because the roads are not taken care off as much.
  3. Ernie put it quite well. Nothing much to add to that, other than patience and the allowance of extra time in your commute when the weather is bad. Getting in a hurry, no matter what the road condition, is what causes many accidents.
  4. Try to get a Mustang that is not lowered and is at the stock ride heigth. This will help A LOT.

    You must respect the rear wheel drive, as long as you do you will most likely be ok.
  5. Snow tires and sandbags FTW! I had an 89 Crown Vic through High school and as long as you take it easy in the corners, all is well. I just used to coast through them and never spun out. If all 4 tires are spinning at the same speed, you usually stay on the road. where in SE are you?
  6. Just move to Georgia like I did.:D Detroit winters sucked. I just used a daily driver/beater. Driving the Stang was too frustrating in the winter.
  7. It helps if you know how to drive. :p
  8. :nono:My skills are just fine. It's just that having a beater is so much better and easier. I'm from the school of work smarter, not harder.:D
  9. lol no doubt my 98 saleen clone was lowered and acted as a snow plow.
  10. Snowned!


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  11. I live in Canton, if you've heard of it. Thanks for all the great replies.
  12. My grandma lives off of Ford rd and 275. I know it all too well.:p I was just there two weeks ago actually eating dinner at applebees after the Tigers game/ dream cruise weekend.
  13. Funny, I live in canton as well. Ford and Morton Taylor, near the new Ikea.

  14. Nicely put

  15. DOH! looks like my first mustang i flipped because of snow :(

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  16. buy a beater 4 wheel drive truck if you in a snowy state or blizzack's there great had them on my 3.8 stang had no problems
  17. stangs dont belong in the snow ;]

    they just dont :/. My Gt is my DD, so it see snow whenever it happends. Its also my 1st car and we saw our 1st winter last year. Got stuck in the bad snow storm and almost spinned out acouple times because my tires was near bald. SUCKY!!