Saleen saleen series II s/c

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jmystic, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. We have an 02 gt and was only making 4-5 psi and did the chicane pulley and now only make 5-6. What could be the problem? I was hoping for at least 8. Maybe time for a rebuild? Any one know of a place that rebuilds these s/c's? :shrug:
  2. sounds right to me! the Chicane pulley states "UP TO 3 PSI" make that a definitive 2 :D

    Those blowers are not going to get you no big numbers. I would suggest a kenne belle or whipple blower swap. If you want to make the best of that blower, get an innovative west 12% underdrive pulley, or check out some parts on Steeda's website. The 12% might give you another lb.

    Not sure what pulley you have from Chicane, if it is the 66 MM pulley, which is about 2.66 inches, they are rated at about 8 lbs on the series 1 and 9 lbs on series should be making bigger numbers.

    try taking your CAI off, maybe you have a rats nest in your throttlebody :rlaugh:

    sorry, i know its not a laughing matter!
  3. Yeah, we saw an increase in boost with the pulley, but I'm just wondering why my boost level is so low. Shoot, we even went with the chicane cai with bbk75mm t/b, and no change in boost levels. I'd be happy with a solid 8. Not looking for huge numbers, just want everything running right.