Schematic and routing for Short Belts

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  1. Thanks for posting that! I've been looking for the belt routing schematic for some time now. I recently bought a 87' mustang and the previous owner deleted the smog pump and the A/C. If you saw how the belt is being ran now you would laugh. The belt runs on both sides of the tensioner. I don't know how he did it, but when I looked at it I knew something didn't look right. Now I have something to go off of. Thanks again.
  2. no prob's
  3. Can you take the AC off too?
  4. Is there a kit to remove the a/c, p/s ,and using smog idler pulley? It don't seem that you can?
  5. doit.jpg

    dont know what happened to the other pic
  6. Wont the stock vs. the no smog routing cause reverse water pump rotation? Never mind I got it now, just looks funny in the pic.
  7. What size belt would I need if I went with that bottom right pic? The no smog and no ac. Looks like the belt is on the opposite side of the tensioner? How's that work?
  8. Belt goes under tensioner. I have non ac car and i deleted smog like pic in lower right. I have underdrive pulleys and needed 72 inch belt.
  9. how does the belt go under the tensioner without hitting the water pump?
  10. Very close.....I had this setup on an 83 vert. Still don't hit.
  11. mine is the bottom left with under drives on the crank and water .76in was mine and there is like 3/16ths between the tensioner and the water pump. i might try the bottom right. this week some time
  12. Here are my schematics for the SN95 5.0 (belt lengths assume stock pulleys):

  13. so i looked a at my and it seems my belt stretched and is dangerous close to touchin it self any one know how to make the tensionor go up instead of down?
  14. Just put a ribbed Idler pulley on mine. Will test and take pix tomorrow. Looks like the alignment is a little off from the ribbed idler, not sure of how to fix that short of machining something.
  15. think theres some pictures missing from this thread now, I have a 92 5.0 engine with the smog deleted and the ford racing ac delete bracket that relocates the PS pump to old AC position. think I was using a 73 inch belt, I have a new alternator with a 1.8 inch pulley on it now,should i use a 72.5 or 72 incher? wonder if they make em that size
  16. forgot to mention it has a 3g alt in it now
  17. If the 73" belt is loose go for a 72", or string it and measure.
  18. You would use the RED belt routing in the very first pic (a couple down from original post)

    As for belt lenght....FAR too many variations in what pulleys everyone is using. Stock, aftermarket, mixed and matched alternators, etc.

    Best way to find a belt lenght is to get a peice of string, wrap it around the pullies in the appropriate pattern and measure it. I'd buy a few belt sizes and go from there. Settle on one on the "tight" side of the tensioner range as the belt will stretch slightly.
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  19. You can take an old belt that is longer, route it, Gorilla tape it over itself and go to the parts store. If they do not have the belt measuring tool (or give you a dumb look when you say you need one this size), go elsewhere or ask for the old guy behind the counter.