SCT tune on a 95 cobra question..

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  1. my car is currently at the shop (wicked motorsports) getting a SCT tune, will i notice a big difference with the tune? i heard it really wakes the car up, mods are in my sig..also when i put my lunati cam in this spring i will have too have the car re-tuned obviously right?? thanks guy's!
  2. my sct tune was by far the best mod i have done on my 94 cobra i basically have every thing in your sig but the lca's ,uca's , cam and the cobra r fuel cell. basically full bolton car minus headers they are the stock headers and my tuner made 258rwhp and 304rwtq. it was the most bang for the buck he left my timing at 14deg advanced and adjusted the fuel press. than went to milking it via the sct chip.
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  4. sweet thanks man!!
  5. SCT tunes are good, but like you said you have to re-flash them with new mods.

    That's why people get the TwEECer, you 'retune' as much as you want without the pain/cost of reburning a chip.
  6. So how'd it work out for ya anyways since this is a month old?
  7. it's still at the shop, he's been extremely busy the past month (i'm friends with the tuner) Lol, I want it back asap!

    thanks everyone for the input!
  8. I installed a JLT intake on my 95 Cobra and have been having some drivability problems. The car runs lean and occasionally misfires. Does anyone know if just tuning it with an SCT tune fix this or it shouldn't be necessary and the problem is elsewhere?
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  10. Pretty old post but as to your problem, try clocking the MAF. Which MAF are you using anyway?