Expired Sct Xcal 2 Data Logger $200.00

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  1. I'm selling my barely used Xcal 2 Data logger for $300.00. Here are the specs on it.

    More Horsepower / Better Fuel Economy
    The SCT XCalibrator 2 is an easy to use performance programmer that will allow you to flash your Ford with up to 3 Custom Calibrations, and also allow you to tweak your Custom Calibration using the XTREME Personal Custom Tuning Software. The SCT XCalibrator 2 features a built in Real Time High Speed Data Logger. This allows you to monitor & record all of your vehicles computer data and up to 2 external analog signals at a sampling rate of 62 samples per second. Now you can flash a Custom Calibration into your vehicle, datalog PCM data and monitor & record your wideband data using the same unit.

    The SCT XCalibrator 2 supports the following applications:

    1996 - 2007 Mustang


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.