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  1. So before I go look at a 2000 4.6L tomorrow I have a few questions. The owner claims to have replaced the old engine due to a spun bearing. He replaced it with one from a 2003. First question is there a difference between a 2000 & 2003 engine? Second he claims coil packs got wet and car turns over but will not start. The plus is that from what I can tell car looks clean and well taken care of exterior and interior look really good. He has a clean title in hand and is asking $2000. I just asked him if the CEL was on and he said it was but had it cleared when he had it checked it said mis fire on cyl #4 he said I am welcome to bring my scanner and check it out. Does the CEl have to be on to pull codes?

  2. cel doesnt need to be on. You can still pull the stored codes unless he cleared them, but sounds like he doesn't have much of a clue, so i doubt it
  3. on the other hand, a clean 2000 GT with a clear title...even if the motor was shot, a junkyard trip would ficx that ;)
  4. I am really wanting a Foxbody but I do like this body style too so I might go check it out tomorrow.
  5. just dont impulse buy if its not worth or or more than you can afford or handle
  6. He's wanting $2k I have had a few cars and turned a few wrenches so it shouldn't be a problem after owning over 30 vehicles I have learned to walk away when it just don't feel right. Wife might not be happy about another project since I have a motorcycle about 90% complete but hey I just did a bunch of work in the house so I need something else to do.

    Thanks madspeed for the input I am always down to listen to others who might be more experienced than me. Here is his add

  7. nice looking anyhow!
  8. 2000 engine would have orange injectors, while 2003 engine has pink injectors. Of course, if he just swapped the long block, he could have swapped all the misc stuff like injectors over.

    Wet coil packs, and car not starting sounds suspicious. Wouldn't buy a non-running car unless it was dirt cheap...like $1000-1500 cheap. You could part that car out for more.

    Still...i'd prob pass unless you want a cheap project
  9. Yea I'm gonna pass I don't mind a project but really want a Foxbody and one that runs I don't want to work on it from the get go unless I'm installing a mod.

    Thanks for the input/advice