Seat Track Choices

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  1. broken power driver seat track in my 92 vert. sounds like the best swap is anything pre-99. i have tracked down 4 power driver tracks sitting right next to each other in a salvage yard from a 95, 97 and two 98's. are these exactly the same or is one better than the other? whats the best choice here and why? jrichker
  2. I have no idea what will work. The only clue is to contact a Ford dealer's parts department and ask.
  3. well, had to take a shot at it. thanks. guess i will just pull one of every year and do a side by side comparison.
  4. the tracks bolt right up but if IIRC they sit a bit higher in comparission to a fox track.
  5. What's IIRC?
  6. "If I Recall Correctly"
  7. Ah, gotcha
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  8. so i just got back from the salvage yard. picked a 98 seat track that is in "like new" condition. it is an EXACT match to the track in my 92. i don't know if they were swapped at an earlier date or if they are supposed to be the same but there is no difference in height, function or wiring. SCORE!
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  9. Good to know! Now that I think about it, I did have a set of leather seats from a 98 in my 93. The height difference was because the actual seat was slightly higher than a fox seat (more cushion?).
  10. Yeah, it has to be the actual cushion height. The tracks are identical. Tons of threads out there mislead you into thinking the track is the change. Its not. So what a money saver that was instead of going the eBay route for one. 25 bucks and good as new.
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