Mach 1 Selling the mach

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by White03Mach, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Well guys... Im selling the mach... it was right when I bought it, as i was 20, insurance was high, and it was in my price range. Now Im 21, insurance has dropped a LOT, and I was recently promoted into engineering at the huge company i work for, so its time to move up to the one ive wanted for a long time.... the terminator.

    What do you guys think I should ask for it? Im converting back to stock andhaving the hood painted (chips) Retail KBB is $20,xxx and Private Party is $17,800.... it has 44,100 on the clock (less than that, when I bought the car it had 4.30s with no speedo calibration. They made noise so I rebuilt the rear end under warranty[i was a tech for ford]) I was commuting to the ford dealership and when hurricane Katrina hit and I left with the car to travel the US I racked up a lotta miles and rock chips on the thinly painted hood. Bought it with 22k a year ago (was probably more like 16k) But anyways.... what do you guys think??? I was thinking about just listing for 18,500-19,000 OBO. Thanks

  2. Man, I hate to see ya sell it, but can't go wrong with the Kebra. I think 18,500 is pretty good. It really depends on your area. Good luck. Oh, and make sure you put in your ad that Oxford White is the fastest color Mach...:D
  3. I like the looks and the way the Mach's drives. The 03/04 Cobras are nice cars with great power but lack looks IMO. I may get a Cobra after the Mach's paid off but it won't be at the expense of this special car that was only made 2 years and looks like it'll be awhile before it appears again. It's a class act. I can see why you'd want the Cobra for it's power but in todays world cars are getting 400 to 500 hp from the factory. I'd considering waiting until the Mach gets paid off and see what's out in 08 or 09. I think prices will be better since there's more to choose from by then.
  4. I can't imagine getting rid of my Mach. I test drove a Cobra before I got it and decided I liked the Mach 1's extra styling more than the Cobra's extra power.

    As for your question, I'd list it around $19,500 to $20,000.
  5. Thanks for the intel guys.... Im still converting it back to stock... the catted h-pipe now has an exhaust leak and some guy at ford left 1 nut off my x-pipe when the tranny was replaced...ughh

    But anyways Ill explain... how you all feel about the mach, ive always felt about the cobra... Other than the IRS.... I hate that junk but Ill have the guts out of my mach's rear end.. just need a housing and some uppers. But yeah i love the machs too.. ive just always wanted a cobra and work on them a lot with my friends as they all have them... I have seen what works and what doesnt, what makes power and what doesnt, etc etc etc. Im not a traitor!!! Its just the car Ive always really wanted and I did my time of not being able to afford it and whatnot.... now its time for me to give it a shot... the blower whine is soooo addictive haha. But alright thanks guys again... I will list for like $19k with the PHP ported intake, diablo chip, and 3.90 gears. Laterrr
  6. Are you going to put the stripes back on its sides? Some with lesser knowledge of Mach 1s might think it isn't a real one without the decals.
  7. I would start at 19-20k so you have some room to let the buyer negotiate and still have what you want/need for it.