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  1. I was with my parents driving around on some of the back roads yesterday (saw a road we've never been on and decided to see where it went) and we started talking about sense of direction. Mom & I can both pretty much tell which direction we are facing (north, south, east, or west) w/o having to look for landmarks. Even if I'm someplace new and haven't been paying attention to what turns have been made (like yesterday) I still know which direction we were going without even having to think about it. Dad on the other hand doesn't have a clue. He says he thinks more in terms of right & left in relation to himself than east & west.

    Is anyone else a walking compass, or are Mom & I just really strange?

  2. I'm going to just say "Yes!" and let you figure out which I'm agreeing with :D

    Actually, Trish (1/2NK) and I both have that same trait; although I can get "confused" in large, off-angled buildings. Get me outside (even in the dark when I can't use the sun's position in the sky) and it only takes but a minute or two tops for me to "locate" North. It's simplicity from there. (I can't resist this) - It must be a DNA thing :p

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  3. Some "older" people develop an internal compass. Count yourself lucky.

    The parents that do not have a sense of direction develop "posters" who do not have a clue about direction.

  4. When Im trekking the wilderness, without a compass and shooting an azumith every 4 feet, Id never be seen again. And I know what heartache that would cause here so I cant let that happen.... :D Perhaps you have that little gland that migrating birds have...
  5. Then there are those of us with impeccable senses of direction, AND like to enjoy life in it's many wonderous varieties and humours, we live, we love, we laugh................ :rlaugh:
  6. My magnetic feild must be screwed up........ Probably is..... I tend to locate South first..... And I can keep track of direction fairly well.....

  7. Uhhhhhhh ..........I must be lost .......... four more lefts and I think I'll be back on track
  8. We're lucky here on L.I., head in anyone one direction long enough and you're going to hit water! :lol:
  9. Directions? we don't need no stinkin directions! :D

    I'm pretty good about not getting lost and knowing which way is which. I know if I'm not familiar with an area I'm in I can find my way around and know instinctively if I'm going the wrong direction.
  10. Strange roads

    I seem to find that if I've been on a road once in my life, I will remember some detail about it, and can usually find my way out pretty easilly. No compass inside, but a good sense of direction.

    BTW, BBFCM, I hate driving on Long Island, because you have to think backwards to get home!!! :bang:

    And Steelhorse, what it it's a tri-oval or road course..... :shrug:
  11. :nonono:


  12. it was a figure 8 ........So HA
  13. Except you're so small its a figure 4................ :p
  14. I'll see your Figure 4 and raise you an ....Iron Claw
  15. :scratch: