Shelbyfest Ford Mustang Fans Not Deterred By Damp Weather

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  1. Leave it to a bunch of Ford Mustang fans to not give a rat’s _ _ _ about what nature puts on them, right? The 7th annual Shelbyfest in Hermann, MO held host to some of the most dedicated Shelby Mustang fans, with a solid car show, dyno runs, and a cruise which almost was (rained out). Shelby Mustang specimens from the classical beginnings to today’s GT500 and GT500 Super Snake flooded the streets in parade fashion, turning heads and keeping smiles burning. There were even a few Cobras and some original Shelby GT-H classics that showed up. Not bad, considering the soggy weather!

    For a couple more shots, head over to the local news page and check out their coverage…

    Source: CountyNewsLive

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