She's Here!! My Future Stanger

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  1. Addison Jinx Ratcliff
    11/6/12 @ 18:24
    7 lbs 9.4 oz
    20 1/2 in


    Mom and baby are doing great. I wish I wasn't sick so I could have held her more last night. Going back to the doctor today and hopefully can hold her more tonight. The pictures make her look big but she is small
  2. Looks nothing like me so... :grats:
  3. Congrats.....
  4. Awesome. Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations!
  6. Congrats Jinx!
  7. thanks guys. I'm so happy I chose to stay in the room. I didn't totally watch her being born but I was in there which made an impact
  8. Congrats, dad!
  9. Gongrats! My baby girl is due in April :)
  10. You guys are all old now. J/K, I had a thread on here in 2005 announcing my 2nd son. I've got a 13 year old an 7 year old boys who love cars and racing. Go figure.
  11. that's awesome Jinx! congratulations man!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. This is the best build thread on Stangnet! :grats:
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  14. Vib I'm not old... lol I just turned 30 on the 23rd. Brought her home today. I wish I wasn't sick cause it's dampening my daddy daughter time. My dr told me to wear a mask when I hold her for the time being :(
  15. For sure man, you dont want to get her sick when she is only a few days old. Last thing you want is to add to your hospital bill!
  16. congrats! I have a two year old boy and a three month old daughter. They sure put a strain on the budget but it is 100% worth it. My boy is already in love with cars and trucks. He loves his daddy's vroom vroom he calls it.
  17. Congratulations!
  18. Congrats, you old fart ;)
  19. Enjoy!!!
    Time flies when your having fun!!! My kids ;) are in there 40's now.....