35th Anniv Shift kit??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 1badsilver99, May 5, 2008.

  1. hey guys im lookin for a good shift kit for my auto 99, and am not sure what to get. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks
  2. Would also like to know, always wanted to get one of these...
  3. Good im glad theres another one needed to know this, i was about to feel stupid. Im thinkin about ordering the B&M stage two street/strip shift kit? Does anyone know if this is a good respectable one or what? Thanks, any info will be nice
  4. you also have the option of a handheld tuner,works better imho. you can adjust firmness and when shifts occur without getting your hands dirty
  5. yea ive heard of that way to but i aslo heard its better to get the actual kit but idk?? i think i might just try the kit and see. :shrug: but thanks!
  6. The easiest thing to do (any probably the safest) is to just get a handheld tuner.

    I had a TransGo shift kit installed about 50k miles ago and have had zero problems, but there are alot of anecdotes about TransGo's going South.

    If you think you really want one, just get a stock valve-body that has been drilled out properly. This site has an excellent reputation, last time I checked. Might want to give them a call. http://bc-automotive.com/

    Good luck with it.
  7. alright man ill look into that. Appreciate it!
  8. do some re-search on the J-MOD on other forums they say this is the way to go
    i am converting my 99 auto to 5spd i will have my B&M hammer shifter and a MAC 3QT extra tranny pan for sale if there is any interest i have pics i can email of it in my car just pm me would probably have it out in 2wks