Show me underhood pics

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  1. Hey, I'm planning on going to the 40th anniversary thing in Nashville and I'd like to get my underhood presentation dressed up before then. Looking for ideas--especailly stuff that goes good with yellow.
  2. here is mine

    here is mine not a great pic though

  3. Um...thanks but no pic?

    I should mention I'm only interested in 4.6 stuff. I know there's a ton of 5.0 dress-up goodies on the market. I haven't found much for the 4.6
  4. Here's a good tip for ya, and I DON'T mean to sound like an ass if I end up doing just that. But ANY schmoe can buy dress up items and put them on, that's no big deal. The big deal is the custom touches.

    VERY VERY VERY clean, or very very shiny. And not just a cold air kit and couple other things, but EVERYTHING shiny as a whole.


    That's mine. Not the best looking by far but a lot better than most that're out there. Please note that it is basically that clean on the lower parts too, not just everything on top. Now I need to paint the damn thing and it will look 10x better :doh:

    But definitely do some custom things while dressing it up. Hide wires, polish aluminum, etc.

  5. Very clean. I would like to see a pic of more of the car if you got one. Like with the hood up but the pic taken from a short distance.
  6. like this? it's pre-blower, though.


  7. Yea, very nice. You dont have any of the car do you?

    Just click! All my info and lots of pics are on my page :nice: Sign the guestbook :)
  9. I dont meen to sound rude or anything but there is only one pic on the page.

  10. Nevermind I didn't go down all the way. Nice car. :nice: :nice:
  11. got the pic to work this time

    here is mine

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  12. :)
    :nice: Thanks!
  13. Oooh thats sick man, I was thinking that it was a 94+ the whole time, Im glad too see you got such a sick looking fox, great job!
  14. more??????????
  15. Here's some pic of mine from 2 years ago.
    I've since cleaned up few more things this year. Just no pic yet.
  16. Here are some of 3309:

  17. Good lord, very nice pics im never opening my hood underhood looks like crap compared to those.

    thumbs up!
  18. Bullitt3309 where did you get the steel braided hose covers?