Show some interior mods...

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  1. I was going through some pics with a buddy and noticed how many 'little' additions mustang guys do to our cars and wanted to see what other guys had done to make the interiors more personal? I am always interested to see how guys take a car and add change stuff inside to make it 'theirs' and really no two are the same....some stuff is soo little I forgot I added it, then along comes a stang guy and he's askin..."what's that? and that?"
    A few of mine that my buddy asked about and liked....first, my bass controller for my bazooka and a toggle for the giggle gas...

    LED for Dcc controller...he was facinated by this, I forgot about it...

    Taking 20yr old door panels and adding a few personal's mine.

    And trunks...lord knows in terms of stereo stuff I'm miles behind, but here's my little girls behind...just enough to keep an old man happy...

    And my favorite interior area...everyone loves something different shiftes,radios..etc...


    Lets see what else is out there????????????????????????///
  2. Lots of little things here. Only thing you can't see here are the Mach 1 billet pedals.

  3. LOVE, LOVE the shift boots and floor well thought out.
  4. I think I could kill some bandwidth on this thread! :p

    Here are a few old and a few new projects of mine:

    Custom lower door panels in my 92:


    Another set of door panels:


    Crappy pic of my hatch area:


    Custom double DIN dash kit and center dash gauge pods:


    94-04 cupholder panel I made last week:


    Experimenting with illuminated text on another 94/04 test part:


    Modded OEM instrument bezel with Racepak display:


    I've got probably dozens of other pics, but will stop here for now.

    -Alan :flag:
  5. drooolllll
  6. man some very very nice rides OBVIOUSLY!!!!! but i did notice some weird colored glove box handles. Once again by far beautiful......but for some reason the handle caught my eye!
  7. I noticed the glovebox handle too. Mine was the same way - I died the handle black. Only takes about ten minutes to pull the box apart and get it ready for die.

    I'd like to see some more hatch area pics. Mine is all apart right now (had the quarter windows out) and I'm looking for some ideas when I put it back together. No stereo equipment for me.

    Also, looks like everybody does a custom door panel. Did mine a few weeks ago:
  8. not the greatest pics in the world but here is mine

    Interior mods- UPR AC knobs, UPR switches and plates, UPR shift knob, Custom plate for switches in ashtray, Lots of autometer guages, UPR "GT" pedal covers, FMS white face guage overlay, Custom pods for lower door panel speakers, removed rear speakers and made a plate to house my front components x-over.
    I desperately need new seats and carpet but all in due time
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  9. demented what kind of wheels are those and where did you get them?
  10. Sonic shows it in his too, but the emergency brake boot is probably one of my better interior enhancements.


  11. How did you do this, and got any ideas for an 86? That is clean. :nice:

    Subscribing. Lots of nice shots in this thread.....:hail2:
  12. Drew it in CAD, and cut it on my CNC machine. :D

    I rarely even see a 79-86 anymore in my area, but I'll keep my eyes open. I have done a custom, aftermarket gauge dash in one before.
  13. besides replacing my ashtray with one of those spring-operated coin holders....

  14. the only interior mods ive done are a bit of stereo work and this radio/gauge panel


    hopefully soon ill have some sn95 seats too.
  15. Those seats look so good. :nice: Also, where did you get your e-brake boot from? That looks so clean.
  16. I really like that e-brake boot. Those int. look way nice!
  17. They are Konig Monsoon's and they have long been discontinued. But i am contemplating selling these since i am moving up a lug