show us your white fox body mustangs

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  1. I'm gonna win the antenna competition. My white Fox Body has 5. :D

    1 - AM/FM 2 - VHF Lowband (center of trunk lid). 3 - UHF (center of roof). 4 - CB (left, rear quarter). 5 - Radar (rear package shelf).

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  2. im down to whore it up
    day 1
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    after my accident and 5 lug conversion
    and how she looks today

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  3. Non-tech, but I never post in Talk, anyway, so what the heck...

    Most recent n' decent shot I have from a few months ago. The finest $20 rattle-can paintjob this side of Phoenix! :rlaugh: (Rims are 10-holes painted black with the outside edge polished. Some tweaker stole my center caps. :mad: )

    Don't have any shots yet of the new exhaust, nose emblem, gauges, etc. ...
  4. I went to buy some heads from a dude and bought a 92 white vert I'll post some pics in a while.
  5. heres my summer toy:cheers:
  6. another pic
  7. Resuscitating this thread!

    Here's my beat up white fox. Paint job coming soon after a few more repairs and after I get a complete center console.




    But ummm yeah idk why this is in Tech.