Sliding Ragtop? Anybody seen this?

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  1. I was thinking about a sliding ragtop, instead of a sunroof. I saw it on a older camaro and thought it wouold look good on a Fox body. Any opinions welcome:flag:
  2. haha thats what ima do to my bug. but no, i wouldnt do it.
  3. There is a reason they are only on imports. Because they are dumb as hell. :nonono:
    There are some cars they do look right on but a Stang aint one of them. May as well just put one of those fake convertable tops with some gold Daytons and hydraulics. :nonono:
  4. Just buy a T-top car. They look alot better then any sliding ragtop ever would on a stang. And i hate T-tops cars
  5. I'd have to see one first.
  6. I believe Hurst offered a kit for the early second gen Camaro's. Other than that I can only recall VW's having them as well. I don't think it would look too hot on a fox though.
  7. I agree with everyone else, don't do it to a stang, it's just a quick and easy way to have a sunroof.
  8. They were big on French cars (Renault and Le Car both used them IIRC).
  9. BMW offered a sliding ragtop on one of their lower end cars in the late '90s early '00s. A stang isn't a silding rag kind of car, I don't think it would look to hot either.
  10. Had a friend many years ago that had an isuzu sunsport with the sliding ragtop. Having seen it on that there is no way I could see on a Mustang.
  11. Bumping a WAY old thread... The only Mustang I can find a picture of on the net with this is here...which obviously when open, breaks up the classic lines...but does it break it up more than a sunroof open would?

    Years ago I had a sunroof installed in my hardtop Fox. It was great for a couple years, but cumbersome to actually remove it when I wanted it fully open. Now it leaks a hair, and the pivot point on the latch always wants to come out.

    I was hoping that a sliding ragtop would give me the convenience of a modern, fully-retractable sunroof - without what I imagine would be a huge expense to retro such a thing into a Fox.

    No love since '99 for these things?
  12. The fact that you cannot find a photo of one installed should be your biggest clue that it's a bad idea.
  13. I vote for two thumbs down