So What happens on Feb. 28th?

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  1. The latest ford comercial with the GT and the 05 Mustang says "Expect the Unexpected - Feb. 28th"

  2. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
  3. any particular channel we should be watching?
  4. Speed Channel or maybe any of the big 3 (NBC, ABC, CBS)?
  5. Yeha really, - I have only seen the one commercial during the Superbowl- nothing showing here in PA
  6. I saw this commercial last Sunday and posted a question over on mustangsource (which is presently down). It first played on Fox News Channel and then again during the Rockingham race which was on regular Fox. The commercial is part of the Trilogy video with cutaways to the blue oval logo with the message flashing at you one word at a time. I have seen one other reference to it on a board (this one or Blue Oval?) and that person thought that it was running because the Cleveland Auto Show starts today. Both of us are in northeast Ohio and I was not sure if this was playing anywhere else.

    The conclusion over on mustangsource is that the new ad campaign is probably starting today. Apparently, when they introduced the car in '64, Ford used this "The Unexpected" theme. It is a retro-styled car, so why not use a retro-styled ad campaign?

    Also, there was some talk about Bill Ford attending a black tie dinner tonight for the Oscars and something about a special tribute to Ford and/or the Mustang for being in so many films over the years. The ad campaign makes more sense than the Oscar thing, but why they would choose February 28th is a mystery. If the ad campaign theory is right, then we saw a commercial for an upcoming commercial.
  7. I'm not sure I could stand to sit through the Oscars even for a chance to see a Mustang commercial. I would walk through broken glass to have an '05 right now, but sitting through the Oscars just to see it on TV is a bit much.
  8. I turn 20...that's about the only thing I can think of
  9. Sounds like it will just be Ford telling the general public something about the new Mustang that all of us here already know.
  10. Speaking of, whats up with it? I have not been able to connecto it for 2 days now.
  11. On BON they said the site was hacked. I think he said it should be back up today.
  12. i also thought it was for the Cleveland Auto Show. but when i went last night (dealer sneek peak night) i was dissapointed to find that there was NO SHELBY COBRA at the show!!! wtf!!! now it makes sense that the commercial wasn't for the show.

    btw, the silver 05 with stripes looks freakin awesome in person. i nearly creamed my pants. the GT in silver was beautiful as well.
  13. So what happened?
  14. the unexpected :eek:
  15. Someone had a theory that it would have something to do with leap year, and most people shot that down, but just a few days ago I say a Ford commercial that DID talk about leap year and the 28th being a big day for savings on existing Fords, like $4000.00 off or no interest for 5 years and $1000.00 off, so it may just be that. It is like a 3 day promotion or something. :(
  16. Not sure if it is a coincidence, but "expect the unexpected" is the "motto" for this year's oscars that appears tonight.

  17. They are going to bring Steve McQueen back from the dead and he is going to be driving a 2005 version of the Bullit during the Oscars. :bs: