Sold my Car Today

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by Evan5469, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. And got a 1998 Chrome Yellow Cobra Vert. with a black top, black leather, and the mods in the sig. All I can say is that this car is unbelievably fast compared to my 94. And the funny thing is I don't know how to drive a stick yet so this weekend I am going to have to learn.
  2. Schweet! 5 Speed is where it's at .. you'll never go back!

    I hope to sell my Cobra Sat morning.

    Good luck w/your new car.
  3. Wow!! Good deal! I think I'm buying a convertable this weekend. Must be the weather! :nice:
  4. Evan, After reading this post I am thinking you live right around the corner from me. One of my good friends (Paul) used to date your sister. That is a sweet as$ car. What size tires are on the rear, they look big as *****? Good luck with it, and I look forward to hearing that vortech wine around the neighborhood. :flag:
  5. 90FoxBody - Yeah my sister did date Paul quite awhile ago. And I am guessing you saw me washing it outside today? Feel free to drop by sometime if you ever see me outside or see my car in the driveway. And to answer your question the tires that are on the back of it right now are 315/35 R17. And I think I've seen and heard your car around and it makes me run to the window everytime I hear it.