some idiot hit my car (ins. question)

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  1. Well, yesterday some idiot hit my car yesterday when I was parked at one of 2 stores and left. Left a nice deep gouge and some white paint on my back bumper and took a little notch out of my exhaust pipe. I called and reported it to the insurance co and am waiting for the adjuster to call. Here's what I was wondering, do I have to have the insurance check sent to an auto body shop or can I have it sent to me? I was thinking maybe I could just get a bumper from and have it painted and install myself. Also, will they pay to replace the mustang insert letters and will they want to pay for stock pipe or will they pay to replace the flowmaster pipe that was damaged? This would be NJ insurance. Thanks if anybody knows...

    Oh, and on a happier note, my husband decided to give me a new hood for Easter! I'm in the process of deciding which (4 inch cowl, just not sure if carbonfiber or fiberglass, and from where).
  2. ive had my experience with this kinda stuff myself. the insurance company wont cover those inserts or whatever, however when the autobody shop that the ins will use gives them a quote, the body shop usually helps out the customer...adding like 50 bucks to the quote so u can get ur inserts back :nice:

    the flows im not so sure about, itll depend on if u want them to install it or not, talk with them and see what they can do for you(the shop that they will use)
  3. Ouch! I'm sorry to hear. :( NJ insurance costs an arm and a leg! They better replace that!
  4. At the body shop I used to work at, the insurance companies had to restore the vehicles EXACTLY as they were before the wreck. Whether it be aftermarket or stock parts, they had to be replaced and made just like they were. Bumper inserts were done just as much as pin-striping. An LS1 that came in had a catback on it that got messed up, so we had to order another one and get it put on just like they had.
  5. usually mods, unless you report them to your insurance (read: rise in premium $$$) wont be covered.
  6. I guess it depends on your insurance company/agent. I showed my insurance agent my car and told him what was/wasn't aftermarket and he said if it ever got wrecked it would be put back exactly like I had it. Steeda wing, inserts, wheels, chin spoiler, etc.. anything that was aftermarket gets replaced with every company i've seen go thru the body shop. And it never raised anyone's premiums to have aftermarket stuff that needed to get replaced unless it was their fault :shrug:
  7. Well, I guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed and wait til he calls. First thing the guy that took the info told me was I can have it fixed wherever I want, but at the end of the call he said the adjuster will let me know where I can have it fixed. That's what has me worried, don't want to take it to someone who's gonna give me a raw deal or lousy paint job.
  8. you have the right to take it to ANY shop you choose. the insurance company can not "steer" you to a shop they like. they can provide you with a list of shops that are on a direct repair program, but thats about it.
  9. I'd just take a look at their shops and see what kind of shops they have, especially take a look at their paintbooths/baking booths. Make sure they've got a really nice paint booth and a seperate baking/curing booth. You wouldn't want your stuff painted, then put on your car only to let the paint shrink up afterwards and cause runs and other bad crap. That's what the baking/curing booths are for, shrinking the paint up 90% of the way. :)
  10. +1.. It's your car and your money
  11. Not NJ, but from other state personal experience.

    I am sure you have a deductible. Most shops will get the insurance check directly. The shop will base the estimate on stock replacement parts at full cost. For example, I needed two rims and two tires (plus a lot more) after my accident. The rims listed at $275 each and the tires listed at $200 each. I told the shop manager I would drop ship two rims and tires. I paid $450 total for them. The difference was applied to my deductible I would have paid to the shop.

    The list price for the bumper will be high. If you can get a "take-off" bumper drop shipped, you can apply the difference as part of the deductible.
  12. I was rearended two months ago and they replaced my bumper inserts. Everything is back in before-accident condition.
  13. Thanks for all the above advice. I got a message when I got home from work the adjuster wants me to take it to their shop to get an estimate and said I have a $500 deductible, which I think is crap. I just went on the insurance company's website and under their faq's: if I was hit by a shopping cart, it's collision coverage and therefore a deductible. If I was hit by a hit and run driver, it's uninsured motorist coverage and no deductible. It's a deep gouge plus white paint left on my car, seems like a hit and run to me... I'm gonna have to call him tomorrow to see why the deductible...
  14. DO NOT let paint your bumper. I ordered an 01 Cobra rear bumper cover from them, painted black, for my 99 Cobra. I bought 1 from em and have had 2 MORE replacements because the paint on them was cracked/peeling. After the 3rd bumper they quit returning my phone calls. F***ers.
  15. when my 88 gt was side swiped, progressive (who i had at the time) came out and did there own est. which came out to around 1500, and they sent me the check. well since i was planning on doing my body work and taking it to the shop anyways, i pocketed 1500 and all it took to fix the car was less then 1oz of bondo.
  16. I am an insurance agent in VT so I am not familiar with NJ laws. If your car was hit in a parking lot it should definitely be covered by uninsured motorist and therefore not subject to the 500 dollar deductable (VT has a statewide 150 deductable on UM property damage, not sure about NJ). Here they would not cover aftermarket parts unless they were specified in the policy.
  17. thanks, I'm goin Monday to get the estimate at the shop they recommend, and then I'll call them and see where it goes.