Someone do something cool.

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  1. With the lack of new news, and rehashing the same tired old rumors over and over, this wait for the new Stang has gone from a pants-wetting, anticipation filled, jaw gaping extacy trip, to a snooze fest bigger than a Matlock marathon at the retirement home on free valium day.

    So...Someone entertain me. Photoshop something cool. Make a pic with new wheels, or a different spioler, or flames, or a cool hood, or F-350 dualies...Anything!

  2. Go over to, there is a continuous Photoshop love fest going on...
  3. *Sarah does backflips to entertain bored StangNet folks*

    :D :D how was that Scot_94GT?
  4. holly crap, hvaen't checked out that site in a while, 67 pages of photoshops!? man, i don't wanna spend all morning looking through all of those....
  5. sweet...I love some of those photochops over there.

    I took somone's rendition of a mach1 style '05, and colored it orange and put Torq Thrust II wheels on it.

    Pretty much my dream '05 :D
  6. In a word, that is a sexy photoshop. Well I guess that is two words. In several words, Regina you are hilarious, I love your page. Due to the time of the posting, to all the dad's out there, treat yourself to some gas and take a nice drive in the Stang today...Happy Father's Day.
  7. Did you mean *I* am hillarious, or the city I live in is hillarious . . . or both, haha

    And happy fathers day to all the fellas out there with offspring :D
  8. And by Regina I meant Sarah...I think I need some sleep.
  9. Yay, I'm hillarious *makes funny looking face*
    . . . and I agree, sleep is much needed on my end too, altough maybe I should work on the June issue since I have a new fan and therefor more motivation :nice:
  10. That was pretty funny, I enjoyed it
  11. Hey, I have something that will lead to hours of endless staring enjoyment and fun. Share it with your friend, your family, and pets.

    ( . )( . )
  12. Thanks, I try my best to make people laugh :D
    It's the best medicine, and the most obvious cure for boredom :nice:
  13. Yeah thats good stuff!