sorry but...LOAD FOR N/A.

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  1. I know, its killing me to bring up load and load% again BUT I CANT find a straight answer for what to do:shrug:

    this is what my load looks like
    1548 60.00 95.11
    1836 63.12 83.56
    2028 65.00 72.60
    2132 68.23 81.06
    2216 69.00 82.08
    2288 70.36 80.13
    2380 68.17 84.76
    2472 70.65 84.72
    2580 69.26 86.35
    2696 72.15 88.44
    2824 71.74 93.35
    2896 78.66 96.84
    3020 79.20 99.70
    3080 78.23 104.75
    3312 85.68 103.28
    3352 82.42 117.06
    3528 91.64 116.55
    3584 95.25 109.48
    3800 101.42 121.93
    3912 99.44 120.94
    4032 100.77 121.62
    4168 102.61 124.05
    4376 104.13 128.24
    4480 107.01 129.22
    4648 105.11 127.09
    4824 104.46 124.93
    5000 103.03 121.55
    5112 100.93 120.94
    5224 100.24 118.45
    16383 0.00 0.00

    Its over 100% but I have no idea how to adapt this load to my newer engine mods.

    I guess I just need some direction to where to begin. I know im just :dead:

    what has everyone done to deal with this part of tunning???
  2. What kind of LOAD readings are you getting in datalogs?

    Are the numbers you listed above the same as the factory settings?

    With N/A motors, most folks don't need to mess with the LOAD scaling...

  3. those load numbers are what EA gave me. they are nearly mirror images of the factory settings.

    i understang that most people dont rescale load when in NA but if things keep going the way they are a s/c will be ariving at my door in about a month or so.

    in EA under the load scale tab there is the factory setting, the actual load from the ecu and then the calculated VE (which is always higher than the red load line) do i divide those numbers together to come up with LOADX:shrug:

    for example: the ecu's load =63 the calculated VE=83 does LOADX now equal .759 at that particular RPM???

    im just confused on how to bring LOADX all up to 100% while calculated an accurate LOAD.

    i understand its like a grading curve but what numbers to i divide into what to get what i need:eek:

    right now my LOAD the ecu calculated is above 100% so my MAF is probably off a bit. but i just wanted to be able to get the concept down to rescale for the s/c later.

    i have read all that i can but there are soooo many analogies explaining this situation i just need a do-this-and-get-this instruction....if there is one:shrug:

    BTW thanks for the respond Jason,
    in the mean time i have had a head ache for 2days because of of 3 words; LOAD vs. LOADX

  4. I'm sure you've already addressed this, but you did change displacement in your scalars, right?
  5. yes the displacement has been changed. thanks for pointing that out because it is a 306-dont know if that matters- but a few days ago while trying to fiddle with this i saw it and changed it.

    In EA i did 5 or 6 1500 to 6000rpm pulls in 2nd gear and told it to calculated the new %s. it was close, so i smoothed out the scale in semi even increments and toped the peak load out at 95. i have not ran that tune in my car yet because i know how important that function is. i just dont know if i did it right or not.

    if my ecu thinks there is more that 100% VE which way is my MAF off?
  6. if your datalogging loads should do it in 4th gear thats as close to a 1 to 1 ratio as your gonna get which will give you a more accurate reading of load.

    Also you can split the maf scalars in 1/2 and adjust the fuel from there im not sure if im wording this in a form you can understand it, but on higher hp motors this was required in sct stuff till they came out with newer updates on how to adjust the scalars on maf's hope this makes sense

    if not ill try to reword it lol