1. I have a exhaust clip of what they say should be expected from the knew exhaust im getting but i dont know how to post it ......help please
    Think ive got a solution it is http://www.magnaflow.com/04sound/import.htm
    then click on ford focus.......that is the closest they could figure. i think i kinda like it.
  2. That's pretty close, the lower the rpm's the deeper the sound is.. I have a pacesetter longtube header, precat delete, Hi-Flow cat, and 40 series Flowmaster and at idle I get mistaken for a 5.0 all the time. I have to point out the single exhaust and 2.3 emblems on the side and some people still don't believe me
  3. Thats pretty cool if you get mistaken for a 5.0. what do you think of the sound of that exhaust clip....is it to ricey or is it pretty much the better of what we will gewt out of a 2.3? I will be stickin with the stock manifold but it will be single 2.25 pipe with a magnaflow muffler and a tip (not sure what type yet) Im hoping that i will get close to that sound out of it, right now my car sounds like a big very wet fart. it is an echoey sound and i hate it.

    PS-any comments on that clip would be very helpful as I will be taking it into the shop fairly soon.
  4. That sound clip is a little ricier than you will sound