Spring around the corner? Tint question

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  1. That is the most common solution in the industry
  2. *kills fiveoh*


    But guess what? I just got a phone call informing me that I got the job. :)
  3. no it isn't :stick:
  4. Here's my Bullitt with 35% on the sides and 30% on the back:



    BTW, where in CT are you located? I just moved to New Haven.
  5. Sweet Bullitt :nice:

    I am located in the good old All-American Valley, right up the street from you in Ansonia. PM me if you have any questions about the area. There will be a couple of local cruise nights near you come spring.
  6. Oh sweet, thats real close. Yea, PM me when the cruises are going on and I'd love to come.
  7. I had 35% all around on my fox


    And 35 on the fronts and 20 on the rest of the Roush

  8. Would you say that it is worth doing at 35%? I had 35% on some cars in the past, 20% on others, and even darker when I was in HS. I just don't want to waste the money getting something to light or waste it going darker and having to pull it.

    BTW is that pic of your Roush in OCMD? I am there regularly in the summertime. Is that the part of MD you are from?
  9. Both cars look awesome Steeda :drool:
  10. Im currently located in salisbury about 30 miles from OCMD, the wicomico river is about 20 yards from my car in that pic or right behind my house. My next car will be 20% all around for sure. I have been stopped several times and have never gotten any grief over it, mostly they just talk about the car. Let me know if you come down this summer, we'll have to grab a brew. Are you coming down for the spring cruise?

    Thanks Nate!
  11. I think I'm sold... I'll have to get some 35% all the way around now. I don't care that it's illegal, I don't drive enough anyways for it to pose a problem and my windows are usually down anyways. It's kinda lame to have a lowered stang w/ nice wheels and a loud exhaust and crystal clear windows :shrug:
  12. heres another of the fox if it helps any... a little better angle

  13. I know Salisbury, I have been to the mall :shrug: and my sister went to Salisbury U for a bit. We have a place in OC so I will be there at some point over the summer (prob in August) and for the October cruise. I cannot make the spring one as I am a DJ and have a wedding that weekend.
  14. I too am sold on tint. Now it is just the nagging questions, play it safe with 35% or go for the 20% and hope for the best... and hope that the local shops can do something with the dot matrix...
  15. my buddies tint stops right at the dots and you cant really tell unless your right up on it.
  16. With what %? I would think the darker the tint, the more noticeable it'd be.
  17. i think its 5%
  18. 35% all around
  19. that thing is clean! :nice:
  20. That looks NICE:nice:

    I called the local shop that I have used for the front windows of my past 3 SUVs. They now carry a different brand of tint which to get to 35% on the windows would be a 40% film (clearly not worth it). The next lowest is a 28% film (I think that is what they said), then 15% (too dark). Even the 28% would never pass an inspection here (which is apparently what happens if you get a ticket). I also asked about the dot matrix and they said they normally stop just below the matrix. I asked about doing the vinyl strip and they said they "probably could order something that may work".

    So I now have uncertainty about the darkness due to different % being thrown in the mix and most likely have to find a different shop! :shrug: