Stangnet needs a Drag Racing only section - yah or nah?

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by Cobra912, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Opinions. I think Stangnet needs a Drag Racing only section for set-ups, achievements, tips, hints, questions, track discussion etc......versus the talk section. I'm just wondering if anyone else agrees. If this is out of line I apologize now........
  2. if there is one for drag racing there must be one for road racing as well...
  3. ah yes good point..........I think it would be great. Then people could post their projects under each category too.....
  4. I agree It would be cool to have a forum for drag & autocross, track day stuff. good resource for tires, brakes, suspension stuff, etc. I'm for it :nice:.
  5. I say nay, but with good reason. We had a Race Tech forum and no one used it. It didn't specify any one type of racing, be it drag racing, autocross, etc., but it was probably the lowest traffic forum on the site. The same went for the Fox engine swap forum. It managed something like 30 threads total, in a couple of years. The idea is good on paper, but when no one uses it, it just sits empty drawing attention to the fact that there's no traffic.
  6. yes I think theres enough people who run the 1/4 to sustain it. I mean theres a v6forum and nobody posts in there.
  7. There's definitely enough to sustain it, that I can not deny. It didn't get used when it existed once before though, so saying it will this time is hard to believe, unfortunately. It might be used at first, but once the novelty wears off, we'll be back to posting in the tech/talk forums and it'd be ignored again.
  8. sorry didn't even know this feedback section existed. did the drag section exist before my time, I don't remember it being available. I really enjoy that part of the forums on some other sites and think it would be a great addition again to stangnet. I would think for it to be a success that it would fall under the 5.0 category with tech and talk. is there any difficulty in getting a section started - even on a trial basis?
  9. It actually just went away either late last year, or early this year. The two forums that went away are Power Adders and Race Tech. It takes about 30 seconds to create another forum, but it's not my call, since I'm not an administrator. I'm just sharing my opinion. :)
  10. oh yes now I do remember both. I believe I posted in the power adder section but no one replied.....:(

    I think a section called "Drag Racing" would work and is very popular on another site that I visit.

    Who should I PM? any idea?
  11. I think that would just cause more work for the mods because people would be wanting to post their street racing stories. :shrug:
  12. maybe we should have a street racing kill story section :rlaugh:
  13. Yeah, right. :lol:
  14. i dont think thats the case, theres alot of guy here that go to the track on a regular basis, i think stangnet could benefit from a drag racing forum
  15. Ssshhhhh... I know someone who has one of those. :p
  16. Power Adders / Race Tech (two forums) were hidden from public display about a year ago due to being misused, under-utilized, and generally duplicative.

    For the time being, a sub-forum of a similar topic is not going to be pursued.

    Thank you for your suggestion, however! :)