Start car with bluetooth(iPhone) -- Wiring info.


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Aug 29, 2002
Klamath Falls, OR
If you're in a hurry skip to question:
I've been working on a project for a couple of days now. I have 97 Mustang GT Vert. I hate keys and anything I have to carry except my phone.

The plan.
I have a bluetooth microcontroller that I have rigged up. I've tapped all of the lines coming out of the ignition switch box. I have everything pretty well figured out and a somewhat working model by hand. By hand I mean that I have got to the point that the car starts via hotwire. The original key still works because I just tapped in to the ignition switch/box.

My questions are mostly aimed at me releasing this into the wild at some point with the best documentation I can offer.

So far I've only found documentation that basically tells you round about what needs to be connected to get stuff to work. Nothing with specific names like ACC powers radio, windows, cover, etc...

I'll probably be finished in another week. I'm taking my time. I'm sure I'll have a few overheating wires from my current setup. I may even redo it all by taking apart the fuse box and tieing directly into that once I'm confident what everything is, which would answer the question I'm about to ask.

Can anyone give me better info about what devices A1+B1, A2+B2, A3+B3, B4+A4, etc, power up? This is really just for my own documentation purposes.

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