Starter Relay Wiring - help needed / '66 Mustang

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by stangman16, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Okay, My wiring is really messed up especially at the starter relay. I would buy the $600 painless kit, but I've got to save up for an engagement ring and Nascar Tickets for November, and also I'm moving in November... anyhow, can anyone tell me what color wires go to the starter relay and to where they go? I've got a connecter hooked up to the "I" but no wire to it! (and the car still starts, this is going to be a headache) Any help on what wires need to go there for the "S", "I" and + / - sides would be very helpful, it looks like speghetti in my engine compartment, and I'd like to clean it up temporarily... well - for at least the next 3 months I can't get the painless kit.

    I've got a 302 engine with electronic ignition setup (think it's from an '84 F-150... this car is not original in any way, and the EFI conversion is on hold for another 6 months possibly) Gotta love how long it takes to tinker with this car and upcoming projects that I'd like to get done :(
  2. Do you have a newer starter with an onboard solenoid?

    Anyway, here are some schematics for you to print off. Schematics
  3. yes I think I do - I replaced the bigger bulky starter with one from a '90 or so Mustang, that is 2 cylinders instead of the one, due to heat issues with my headers.
  4. Okay, this is why you don't have a wire on the I terminal. That wire now runs directly to your starter from your ignition switch. I imagine you also have a direct lead from the battery to the starter. The other terminal on the solenoid goes to the coil to provide power while the ignition is in the start position.
  5. Yeah, I do have one going from the + battery side to the starter - I see now. But, what wires need to go to the - / + side of the starter relay? Seems I have too much crap on one side, and only a ground to the block on the other... And, is it safe to rewire some of these wires with 12 gauge wire temporarily till I can get a painless kit? I think I need to redo part of the wiring that goes to the alternator and the + side of the starter relay... some wires look like they had burnt or shorted sometime in their lifespan. I think it'd be best to take care of that asap. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Well, anything on the + side of the solenoid, like the alternator wire, can go directly to the positive battery terminal. The coil wire can go down to the starter to provide power while the key is turned to start. Then the whole solenoid can be removed.