Starting From Scratch: 302 Build

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm planning on doing a fuel injected 302 swap into my 67 Mustang 289 with a T-5. I'm starting with a '92 virgin roller 302 block from a F-150 that I'm going to need everything for.

    Here's my plan for the motor: A mild 302 with iron Gt40 heads, Explorer Gt40 intake, headers, cam, roller rockers. My intent is to build a good street able motor for everyday driving. This is a somewhat budget build, I don't want the absolute best (forged everything, all new parts etc.) but I want good and reliable. I want to use fox body mustang fuel injection for simplicity and easy to work on, find, and buy parts for.

    I already have good Gt40 heads from an explorer however I need EVERYTHING else. I want to get members thoughts on what I should get for the rest of the motor.

    Here's the list of things I can think of so far that I'm going to need:
    Internal engine Components:
    Crank- Stock, forged, aftermarket cast steel? I'm not sure
    Rods- Stock, Forged, aftermarket cast? I have a set of stock rods will that be good enough?
    Pistons- They're probably going to need to be .030 over, hypereutectic or forged?
    Rings- A good set of moly rings?
    Bearings- A good set of bearings?
    Intake-I want a Gt40 explorer intake but which one should I get? Egr or Non?
    Cam- A nice mild cam with a decent lope and good sound and power. Ford E cam? Comp cam?
    Rockers- A good set of roller rockers that will work on Gt40 heads?
    Springs- Have to be matched to the cam but what will work with Gt40 heads?

    Fuel Injection Components:
    Fuel rail- A stock rail will be fine but what vehicles can I get one from?
    Fuel injectors- Stock 19lb? Bigger?
    Throttle body- Stock? I think 65 or 70mm
    MAF- which one should I use?
    Egr- Should I eliminate the egr or keep it?
    Computer-Which ECM should I get, what vehicles can I get one from
    Wiring harness- What wiring harness is best? I would like to get a stock mustang harness but I'm open to suggestions.

    That's all I can think of for now, I know I will have many more questions throughout the build. My plan is to keep track of the build within this thread and post my progress as I assemble everything.

    Please comment and let me know what you think of the build and what parts I should use for the motor and fuel injection.

    Thanks, Ranger
  2. HP goal will be helpful to determine parts.
  3. ^^^^^and goal of use, street mostly, track mostly or mostly street with a few time slips :rolleyes:
  4. Most likely stock block, stock crankshaft, & forged pistons are a safe bet. Not sure about rods as I have not looked into "mild build" rods. Of course, this is if your serious about the word mild and your definition of the word. Ha-ha
  5. why not a whole explorer motor from a j/y
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  6. My goal for the motor is a street motor, it will probably go to the track 1 time. As far as Hp I'm not sure, that will be determined once the motor is built and put on the dyno. Yes I'm going to dyno the motor just to see what it puts out.
  7. This EXACTLY^^^
  8. yeah i found one for $375 in my area with 85k on the ticker seems cheap to me for everything youll get.