Still having running problems

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Ryon Oud, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Ok so I'm still having running problems,
    Solved the vac leak had a cracked hose.
    It's a stock 5.0 I put a B303 cam cuz it was laying around, I was at TDC when I did the swap new timing chain
    The timing marks where bang on. My car starts and then shuts off but if you hold the gas for a bit it will run.
    As it warms up it will idal at 700 to 1000 RPM's. then after a bit it will revving up and running like :poo:.
    Then it will just shut off my is around 20 if you put it around 2 or 3 the idal is around 400.

    Anyone have any ideas in what I can do.
  2. You put your thread in a forum specifically for people who have tuning questions about things like injectors, MAFs and aftermarket tuners such as Tweecer, Moates or Anderson PMS. Therefore you post will not been seen by people who may have an answer but do not visit the Tuner forum. Convertible top problems have nothing to do with tuning an engine.

    My advice to you is to twofold:
    1.) Send a PM to one of the moderators and have your thread moved to 5.0 Tech
    2.) Next time you start a thread, think about where it goes. If you are new to Stangnet, please read the terms of service and give extra thought to where your new thread belongs. There is some help in the text below to help you find the best place to start your thread.

    Tuning problems go in 5.0 Tuning, with specific emphasis on modifications to the injectors, MAF and computer, along with aftermarket tuners such as Tweecer, Moates or Anderson PMS.

    General tech problems go in 5.0 Tech. Tech is for suspension, electrical, brakes, body, engine repair and general troubleshooting on the computer & trouble codes

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    Do this and you'll get the best answers quicker and not get lost in the maze of posts about everything but the type of problem you are having.

    Having said that, here's some help...

    See the "Surging Idle Checklist” for help with all your idle/stall problems. You can guess at the problem and throw parts at it, or you can use the checklist to help you find the problem quickly and inexpensively. The checklist is right here in the Stangnet 5.0 Tech forum and you don’t have navigate to some other unknown web site. It‘s free and doesn’t cost anything: at last count there were more than 103,000 visits and still climbing

    The quick and easy way to dump the codes is in there too, and all you need to do it is a paper clip! The first two posts contain all the fixes & updates. At last count there were 24 possible causes and fixes for surging idle/stall problems. I continue to update it as more people post fixes or ask questions.