Still N/A, WHOOPED THE HELL out of a New Lightning Today

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  1. He didnt even see it coming.... Stopped at a redlight, We saw eye to eye, it was on!!!!

    Light turned green, I baked em out of the hole, heard his diesel come to life, pounded from second to third looked up, he was way back there.... Easy kill...

    Tow truck driver didnt even see it coming.....
  2. "heard his diesel come to life" :lol: Lightnings are supercharged gasoline 5.4L V-8s with about 380hp. But a towtruck thats sounds like a nice race :rolleyes:
  3. DUH!!! the L was being towed
  4. You totally missed the joke...
  5. Tow truck driver didn’t even see it coming.....
    I didn’t see this until after I posted. It was at the bottom and I wasn’t able to see it.

  6. thats pretty good. Unfortunately the last TC I moved was with a 95 powerstroke rollback and it was a different story. We killed an n/a 2.3 and I think we beat the escort that was terrorizing cro. :rolleyes:

    man I've read it about 10 times now and its still funny


    Back-up. I'm a Lightning owner and I've never heard of them running off of this "gasoline" you speak of.