Strange Gt40 Intake

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  1. I was told the gt40 intake I have is straight from ford , it's one that they actually did flow bench test on or something like that but works good on my car just wondering if anyone ever seen one and has any info thanks guys

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  2. I havent seen one of those in 10 years. A buddy of mine had one on a gt back in the early 2000's. Its a ford motorsport GT40 intake that you use to be able to buy through Summit and everyone else back years ago. I think it was discontinued but I could be wrong.
  3. Tubular gt40. It was the frpp offering that you could order through the catalogs. Also came on 1st gen lightning trucks.
  4. It looks different in that the box end looks modified. It's also lacking the two center plenum bolt bosses.

    Given the manifold is around 20 years old....hard to know when this was done.
  5. Yeah , the original owner I was told got this from ford where he worked everything is suppose to be port matched to the heads not sure thanks for this input
  6. The box area is all flat not ribed like most gt40
  7. I was told it wasn't modified this is like one if the first production models like be for they fancied it up , at least that's the impression I got ,, but good mornin to all it's 9 am here in mi
  8. Where are the two center bolt bosses? How does that intake bolt down?

    I only hesitate because I've seen plenty of plenum intakes that have been cut open and worked on internally and then repaired like that. I seem to recall discussions about the GT-40 being unable to be honed and requiring major surgey to port the upper plenum.

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  9. Here's what I could get a pic of it doesn't appear to be hacked up

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  10. The normal tubular gt40 intake looks cool with the lines. As far as performance, it being a tubular design does limit the porting before structural integrity is in play. I've always liked those and the Cobra intake the best while still staying with a ffpp part when you open the hood. But certainly with castings you have a ton of potential with a great port job. So you can imagine, when my Cobra intake fully ported upper/lower was offered at $250, I jumped on it faster than bear near a pinic table full of groceries. So cool factor, gt40 tubular, but the Cobra is real close, but IMO the only other one (of any model) I like is the black "R" series intake from trick flow. Thats just my baskin robins flavors :cheers:
  11. The center main tube is off a little and wavy, I think the bosses were removed and smoothed out. I've never seen a gt40 with a smooth end cover that wasn't modified...not a bad thing however.


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  12. I can see someone modifieing maybe the bosses but , it's pointless to Chang out plenum area to only putative back at same dimensions , I am still convinced the story I got was true I do know the original owner worked for ford , but the fact that it does appear to hav bosses removed lol idk I'm baffled and if it is modified what was the goal
  13. In these pics below there is a difference where the tubes meet what I guess is the plenum , they are different from the production gt40 above this also leads me to believe this intake was built this way not modified , but I am unsure

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  14. Without measuring internal plenum volume, it's hard to say.

    Disregarding whatever may have happened to this have a GT40 upper intake. Nice score
  15. Thanks I do like it , and I can say I got a one of a kind lol but sure wish I could get In touch with someone maybe that worked in ford for verification , it looks rugged ya know not fancy and clean that's why I like it I think