Exhaust Suggestions?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Ryan Timiney, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Recently bought my 1999 GT and its all stock exhaust. I'm definitely getting the lm1's. what do you think I should do in terms of mid pipe? Do I get just a catback lm1 system or should I get an o/r xpipe and by the lm1's separate? Yes I want loud exhaust :) Haha
  2. Whatever you do, do NOT go O/R with LM1's. Yes they are super loud but they have no tone and sound like :poo:
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  3. What would you suggest? Catted x pipe or catted H? I really didn't want to have to buy a catted midpipe :shrug:
  4. dont get lm1's and you can have an o/r mid pipe...
  5. The LM2's with an O/R midpipe isn't nearly as bad. Are you dead set on the LM1's?

    I personally prefer H-pipes. They are deeper in tone and give a "rumblier" note. X's are more higher-toned with a little "raspiness".
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  6. Get onto Youtube and search it out. There is so much on there that you should be able to find multiple videos for whatever combination you would consider.

    LM1's are real screamers though.
  7. Dont get Lm1's dude... the guys right ^^^ Basically Loud, no tone, and annoying.... get Magnapacks with either a Catted or Off road H ... with an O/R H and Magnapacks... It'll be loud like Slps except have a deep rumbly tone like Borla Stingers and sound Throaty and Not drone... and you can get em pretty cheap... Seriously? what more could you ask for ? ;)