super charger question

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  1. Hey I found this supercharer used. Seems like a good deal, the only thing is the case has a flat spot in it where the discharge tube connects. It was rubbing on the guys hood and wore down a bit. Would this be a problem, its not more than an 1/8" deep but I am a little worried. Thanks
  2. Pictures would help but it doesnt sound like a problem.
  3. Yeh I know but cant get the pics. Im going to talk to him on monday about this.
  4. Doesn't sound like it would be; unless the metal has become too thin. I think that'd be a little obvious but try to post a pic :)
  5. Ok, also this guy is selling 30# injectors. How much boost are they good for. Cant seem to find an answer in search. Thanks
  6. I topped my 30lb injectors out w/my pullied A-trim and Performer heads, so I'm sure you will do the same. I have 42's now. 36's would probably work but you might as well just go w/the 42s since you can tune them the same and have expandability down the road.

    They aren't measured by boost but overall power. They can support more N/A than boost, at least that's what the charts (which I couldn't find, sorry) list.
  7. what brand supercharger? my s trim is maxing out my 42 psi injectors. need some 60's :D
  8. its a paxton novi 1000.