Supercharged '98 Mustang GT

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  1. Well I think I want to get out of the Mustang thing for a while. I am the original owner of this 1998 Mustang GT. I got the car in October of 1998 from Kings Crown Ford in Jacksonville, FL. The car was originally an automatic but I put a T-45 in back in 2003. To be honest I'm really just kinda tired, I've done everything I can do and want to move on to something else. I actually want to get an 09 Corvette. The car shows 128k on the dash but some of those are ghost miles because I ran the 3.73 gears for a while without the speedcal.

    4.6L romeo block .020 over
    Diamond 15cc pistons with valve reliefs
    Modmax 4340 rods with ARP2000 bolts
    Forged cobra crank
    ARP head and main studs
    2001 romeo PI heads
    Comp cams valvesprings
    bronze guides
    Comp cams 102300 XE274H cams
    Vortech V-7 JT-trim supercharger
    cxracing 31x12x3 fmic
    Pro-M protube maf
    60lb injectors
    255lph intank pump
    255lph Vortech T-rex inline pump
    kirban adjustable fpr
    HKS SSQV blow off valve
    knockoff Greddy blow off valve
    Spec stage 3 clutch
    solid motor mounts
    Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors
    Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates
    Steeda sport springs
    Bilstein HD shocks struts
    Pro3i tubular lower control arms
    Mac LT headers
    Pypes offroad x pipe
    Bassani catback exhaust
    SCT xcal 2 dynotuned made 460 rwhp on a Mustang dyno with 13lbs of boost

    With more fuel pump, and revving to 7k I think it will make 490-500 on a mustang dyno and probably 16lbs of boost, the 13lbs was made at 6000 rpm
    The car was a daily driver for 7 years but I only drive it on weekends now. Motor has under 2000 miles on it.
    I'm probably forgetting some things. It has a pioneer cd player and some pioneer speakers in the doors.

    The body is probably a 6/10 and the only mechanical issue is that the heater core needs to be replaced, I bypassed it for now. It needs that kick panel below the door on the passenger side.

    If the body was perfect I would probably want like 11,500 for it but as it sits I want like 9000 which I think is fair. The forged motor and blower and intercooler are worth 6500 easy so you would be getting the car for 2500 with all the suspension work done to it.

    I am open to trades, 408/410W fox body or 95 mustang. I don't have to sell it, just wanting a new project. I do have the title in hand ready to go. I will also consider parting it out but want to sell the motor complete and the blower/intercooler together. Would also trade for a full size pickup, V8 4x2 or 4x4 regular or crew cab.

  2. Still have the car, considering trades still? This is the link for my car, currently on CL. Chris
  3. Interested in my mustang 35,300 miles as of right now and there is alot of things done to it pm me if interested
  4. Is that a question or a statement? An whom is it driected towards?
  5. Its a question sorry its towards 98gtfromGA
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