Supercharged fuel, timing, gap, etc...settings

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  1. Looking for some advice on performance settings on my 91’ stang. It have a 302, Vortech s-trim running the stock 8 lbs of boost and FMU and 24# injectors. Car also has edelbrock heads and Vortech upper and lower manifolds. Looking on recommendations for fuel pressure, timing, plug gap and any other tips on self adjustable settings. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well I just got my car tuned and I have a Vortech V2 but I am pushing 13 #s soon to be 15 but anyway Prodyno gapped my plugs at 32, base timing at 10, my fuel pressure is at 40 at idle and goes to 60 under full boost...but I am not running the 24s and FMU anymore. Ditch those for 42s
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  3. with good ignition system you can run a larger gap, I ran .44 gap on my cobra with 8lbs of boost and when I went to 14 and then 17 i ran a .35 gap on a tr6 plug. This is with stock ignition on 03 cobra, for the fox platform I would recommend either a 6a, or 6al with .38 or so gap. 10degrees and have the car tuned at this as the computer can control timing ditch the fmu and get 42# injectors. This will leave you room to grow.

    15lbs non-intercooled on stock block?? Can you say heat? Better hope he does better job on your car than previous ones cuz pop goes the block
  4. LMAO yeah it isnt intercooled and trust me it will be and it will make 15 pounds or MORE and guess what if it pops the block then guess what an excuse for a stroker short block
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback.....

    I have a 6AL that came with the s-trim, so you think i can go larger gap than a .035?

    If i wasn't selling the car i would lose the 24# and FMU for a good tune in a second. I just want the car to run good or better for sale.
  6. you can run a larger gap but the best way to see where the threshhold of losing and gaining is with a dyno. Tighter gaps can tend to give a rough idle at times. The larger the gap the more power you can make as well, but you gotta have enough fire to do it.
  7. He is right. You need some type of igintion booster ie MSD box and related product if not and you gap to much it blow the spark out when you make boost
  8. Gotcha, thanks again! I think i'll stick with .035 as it seems to be a good and safe set up.
  9. Still having idle issues. Seems like there is a vacuum leak but i have checked all hoses.... I think.

    Im going to run an air fuel meter and vacuum gauge. What does a motor with a blower, heads and E cam usually show for for vacuum?

    What about the air fuel at W.O.T? 12:1?
  10. supercharged you would want to run about 11.5 : 1 you can creep up towards 12 with good gas but why push your luck for a few more hp. My car has always been tuned 11.5:1 with no problems
  11. vaccumm should be around 10-15.the blower wont make a difference on vaccumm or on my it didnt
  12. Nice, thanks. Hey blueblazes, the air/ that at idle or WOT?
  13. That is at WOT throttle cause mine is ran the same
  14. at idle or low load should be 14.6:1 this is stoich for gasoline

    under load such as accelerating then you should be at about 11.5 : 1 for supercharged or nitrous application