SVT Focus

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by stangme, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. ok ... checking into getting a focus ..... got a call into a SVT dealer to see what the X plan price is and any discounts. something to drive when im modin the cobra and the kids to drive when they turn 16 in 4 years. what mods are you guys doin?
  2. My buddy has one. He put short throw, exhaust (headers,catback) and pully, chip, and dyno/tune and that thing is pretty quick. Oh and of course the infamous CAI

    BTW-that grey color they have looks the best...w/ some powdercoat rims...maybe? ....ok thats just me.
  3. cool ... thanks for the info.... gonna try and drive one this weekend ... they look like a blast to drive ... small .. with a little HP and a 6 spd. not a cobra ... but hey ... i can already tell im gonna have to say no a million times for the kids to borrow the cobra.... "dad ... i wanna 6 spd ... wouldnt that be cool " ... she is 12 ....
  4. How much do the SVT Focus's go for?
  5. hope to find out today .... ill post it when i get a quote...
  6. i just got a 04 SVT Focus yesterday. the car is great. i love it. a nice compliment to my blown GT.

    sticker it was $21k. a-plan was about $2500 off. there is also a $3000 rebate on all Focii if you buy, and $2500 if you lease.