T5 Swap For 4.6


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Oct 22, 2002
This is actually for my Crown Vic, but I'm sure it is very similar to doing it in a Mustang. I did post on a CV forum, but there is a lot more activity on Stangnet.


The OD band went out, and I have a T5 with about 1000 miles on it. That's the how and the why.

I've scoured the net for parts lists. However I am finding a lot of information that is irrelevant. I know the belhousing from 5.0/5.8 and 4.6 is different. I was able to find a bellhousing, but it was $800! Out of my price range, and there has to be something that will work. I have a flywheel and clutch/pressure plate from a 5.0, but I haven't found anything as to if the will work. My guess is no. I did find a conversion kit, but it's over $1700. Also out of my price range. I read to use a Steeda adjustable clutch cable. Which one? There are like 100. I also need to change the yolk and u-joint. For the clutch pedal I emailed a guy that makes them. If he doesn't get back, or is too expensive, I'll try and modify my clutch pedal out of my 88 Mustang GT (I have a Powerglide for it). I obviously need a pilot bushing, but methinks any one for a 4.6 manual vehicle will work. I can trick the PCM by keeping the PRNDL switch in neutral. But what about the speed sensor for the T-5? The speedo gear needs to be replaced (worn bad). I have 2.73 gears, and want the speedo to be fairly accurate (even with a different gear in the 4r70w is about 2-3 miles off, without it I was about 12). Also what about the backup lights? The crossmember I can probably modify.

Links themselves would be appreciated. I'm tired, and know I am forgetting some things.

Thanks in advance! I want all the correct parts before I take the old trans out. I don't want my car down because I'm waiting for parts!
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