Tail light lens install help

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  1. Im replacing a broken passenger taillight lens. I ordered one from 50 resto and it came with mounting clips and stickey weather strip....Do I need to clean the old adhesive off or not? Has anyone done this? Any tips will help....

  2. as long as you were sent new butyl sealer so seal the lens and the housing i'd go ahead and use it. the old butyl sealer will probably work fine but why take a change.

    remove the old---install the new it's just that simple.
  3. i just did this (AGAIN:rolleyes: ) like 2 days ago. definitely use the new butyl tape, and get that old stuff off. my lenses were starting to pull away from the housing, so i took them off again, peeled the old stuff off, bought some new tape, and they are good to go now.
  4. Thanks, so clean the old and use the new....Did you put the tape on the housing or on the lens before installing?

  5. it's easier to put the tape on the lens, i think.
  6. what did you all use to clean the old adhesive off??

  7. patience, a flathead screwdriver and 20 minutes each lens. paint the inside of the housing a nice bright silver, you'd be amazed at how much better and brighter the lights turn out.

  8. I wouldnt worry about removing all of the old adhesive, just clean the majority of the old stuff off and use the new stuff.
  9. i disagree. if you try and lay new butyl tape over the old stuff, it will be too thick, and the clips won't reach the lens. you want more than just the tape to be holding the lens on. all i used to remove it was a flathead screwdriver also. It helps if the tape is cold when removing it also, helps it stick together and peel off in 1 piece ( well, bigger pieces). removing the old lens is easier when its hot. i think its easier to put the tape into the grooves in the housing, personally.
    +1 on painting the housing silver! i have clear lx covers, and it makes a huge difference, since you can kind of see through them.
    heres mine
  10. Thanks for the advice....I dont think Im gonna paint the inside. Just replacing one lens..Not both...but good advice for the future..

  11. I just had to do the same thing. I cleaned off the old goo with a flathead and applied the new. Word to the wise, don't use too much. 50resto gave me enough for 2 lenses and the first time I did it I couldn't get it sealed up all the way, so I took it off, took about half the new goo off and now it fits but I couldn't get it sealed properly, I have water in the assembly :-/
  12. Clean the old stuff....get a good beutel tape and put the stuff in around the backing. Paint the lens silver as suggested. You don't want any condensation building in there....so take the time and do it right!
  13. Clean the old stuff with a heat gun or a hair drier and install new.
  14. i think that would make it harder to get it off. when its cold, its solid and tends to peel off in strips. iwhen hot, it just stretches and is a gooey mess.
  15. I've done 3 different tail light lens swaps.

    1st time ...I used new butyl.
    2nd time ...I used new butyl.
    3rd time ..reused the butyl from the 2nd time, no leaks in 5 yrs.

    It is easier however to remove all the butyl rope when it's cool rather than warming it up.
  16. And now my brake light is out. Guess I'm gonna have to redo that...
  17. you dont mean take the lense off again do you? you should be able to change the bulb from the backside of the housing, from inside the trunk/hatch
  18. Anybody ever tried to use windowbond for a permanent seal? (the black caulk windshield installers use)
  19. lights

    i did the smoked lights on my car and i used the old stickey weather but its a race car and its in the shop most of the time

  20. sorry to bring back an old thread,

    i was looking at the tailight lense kit on late model, and my question is what r the clips for? anyone got picture of them? and how r they installed?

    i can z the use of the butyl tape, but cant z how the clips would be installed, thanx