"Take a kid to a car show . . ."

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  1. We've all seen the ads in the back of car magazines. Well, I did my part today. Ventured out to the local custom auto show today w/ my 6- and 3-year-old sons. They loved it all.
  2. :nice:

    this is why i'm excited to have kids someday. that and for things (like the ending of pearl harbor) taking my kid up in the stearman to go fly :)
  3. I remember my Dad taking me & a buncha my buddies to a car show for my 8th birthday. Growing up a TV baby planted in front of the console color Magnavox in SoCal, If you saw something in the flesh that was on TV it was a big deal.This show so much cool Hollywood themed stuff it was incredible.

    The Batmobile
    The Monkeemobile
    The 007 Bond Aston Martin
    The Munster Koach&Dragula
    Sonny & Cher's Mustangs to name what I remember.

    Plus Ed "Big Daddy" Roth in a booth personally highlighting
    his Rat Fink T-Shirts with airbrush

    Pretty heady stuff for a little kid.I still fondly remember it as my best B-day party ever.
  4. Those were some of the best memories I have with my old man. :nice:
  5. My dad was never into cars as much as I am, so we didn't frequent alot of car shows back in the day, but I love them. When I have kids, they'll be well schooled in the awesomeness of the American car show, and they'll probably get mad at me for never shutting up about the details of each and every car out there.
  6. i take my wife & son to every car show we can find !
  7. Good for you. I have to borrow my nephews for car shows.
    They love them. We are fixing up a 66 coupe for the 13 year old.
  8. Way to go, pony. You're making memories for him. I am 39, and I STILL remember being 13 and helping my brother work on his car and then taking, ahem, 'less than legal' trips around the block in his '71 Camaro while sitting on milk crates. (The interior was stripped at the time.)
  9. My Dad wasn't much on car shows - which is good, because there really weren't any organized shows around here until after I became an adult - but we would go down and look at the new Fords/Mercury's every year. Every once in a great long while, we'd come home in one, too!

    At the risk of being 'politically INcorrect'; "Take your kid Fishing and Hunting" It's a great way to teach them about "the outdoors" (without them "learning" it from some Xbox fantasy game); teach them respect for the open areas of this land; and (in today's society, this will be REALLY "politically incorrect") teach them how to become self-reliant!
    That last I fear may be very necessary sometime in the not-too-distant future.
  10. I take my boys to the local ones. I have them brain washed about "cool cars"

    They like to watch top gear with me as well :D

    ETA, I am watching a show on the 64 thunderbolt. Because they asked me. :D
  11. Last summer I took my 7 yr old to a Mustang car show and he loved it. Someone fired up a Cobra and he still talks about it.

    This summer he will join me at the Monterey Historic races. That should be like when he caught his first fish...